Athletes and Neck Pain: Where to find cure?

If you think that neck pain is only for those who sit at a desk for work all day, you may find it interesting to note that this problem is common among athletes as well. For example, famous female golfer Michelle Wie had to excuse herself from one of the biggest tournaments of the year – the U.S. Open – due to neck pain. Her neck pain began following a car accident in which she suffered whiplash. This is a common way for spinal pain to start out.

What role do accidents and injuries play in causing neck pain, and how can you find genuine relief? Whether you are an office worker, an athlete, or anyone else who has suffered head or neck trauma, this article is for you.

The Link Between Whiplash and Neck Pain

When the head is whipped back and forth quickly, several things may happen at once. First of all, the brain can slosh around inside the skull. This may lead to a concussion, even if you don’t strike your head on anything. Second, the upper cervical spine can misalign. This is extremely common because of the shape of the C1 and C2. The unique design allows for most of the head’s mobility, but it also makes these bones prone to misalignment. Finally, soft tissue damage may occur along with swelling during the initial days after the injury.

The Importance of Correcting Upper Cervical Misalignments

The problem with whiplash is that most people put ice on it, rest, and then assume everything is better. Unfortunately, an underlying misalignment can lead to chronic neck pain in the future and even other symptoms such as migraines, vertigo, or lower back problems. Correcting the misalignment is vital to prevent future repercussions.

Upper cervical chiropractors specialize in detecting and correcting the slightest subluxations of the top two bones of the neck. For many, this has helped with chronic neck pain as well as in relieving other symptoms. To learn more about how these gentle and long-lasting adjustments may help you to experience better overall health and well-being, contact a practitioner in your local area.


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