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fibromyalgia in teens

People diagnosed with fibromyalgia often feel helpless when finding ways to cope with the pain. Understandably so as this condition's main characteristic is extensive and overpowering pain. Can you try and imagine what it is like for fibromyalgia in teens? Hopefully, this article helps you understand this ailment and determine if chiropractic care will work as a natural pain relief option.


Fibromyalgia's Tender Points

Aside from its vital characteristic of widespread pain, fibromyalgia is also a difficult condition to diagnose. After excluding other medical conditions, medical experts complete a pressure-point assessment to help them develop a diagnosis.

As shared by the American College of Rheumatology, 18 areas in a person's body get incredibly tender or sensitive if fibromyalgia is present. Here are the locations of these tender points:

  1. Two points around the atlas or the neck's topmost vertebra
  2. Two points in front of the larynx or the voice box
  3. One point on each side of the breastbone right below the collarbone
  4. Another pair is in the midsection between a person's neck and shoulders
  5. Two points in the hips
  6. A couple of points in the lower back
  7. Two points close to the shoulder blades
  8. Two more points are at the creases of a person's elbows
  9. The last two points are in the knees

Medical professionals apply pressure on each of the specified spots and ascertain a person's reactions. Using a scoring system, the intensity and number of tender spots may help establish fibromyalgia.


Indicators of Fibromyalgia

Given that fibromyalgia in teens and adults brings about overwhelming pain, it is critical to keep an eye out for signals that can indicate its presence. These are some of the possible markers:

  • Muscle pain that is not specific to a particular area. It is essential to differentiate this from joint and tendon inflammations that cause localized pain during an episode.
  • Numbing or tingling sensations that start in one section then spread to other parts of the body.
  • Muscle spasms around the tender spots. The muscles spontaneously tighten, which triggers unexpected and debilitating pain.
  • Persistent fatigue that lasts for a few days. Most people with fibromyalgia find it challenging to sleep fitfully, so they end up feeling generally tired.
  • A heightened reaction towards environmental factors, which include light, noise, and temperature. This indicator is similar to a migraine's aura.
  • Urge to pee more often, which might be one of the body's reactions to the intense pain.
  • Obvious cognitive issues include challenges concentrating on the current tasks. When the condition worsens, a person demonstrates impaired comprehension during a state called fibromyalgia fog.


Fibromyalgia Triggers

Health professionals are still looking into the specific causes of fibromyalgia. The presence of one or more of these factors may lead to this condition.

  • Pre-existing conditions

Ailments like arthritis or cancer send multiple pain signals to the brain. When conditions such as this progress, the increased pain transmissions can induce fibromyalgia.

  • Excessive worry and stress

Being worried and stressed outputs you on edge. Your muscles tense, your breathing is affected, and you are jittery. Unless you calm down soon and take control of your stress levels, your muscle tension might escalate to fibromyalgia.

  • Genetics

If a family member has fibromyalgia, you have a higher risk than someone with no genetic disposition. Keeping this in mind, be more mindful of the symptoms but do your best not to set off this condition.


Ways To Cope With Fibromyalgia

1. Talk to someone.

Regardless if you seek professional help or confide with a friend, make sure you talk to someone. Airing out your concerns help release tension. It can also help you deal with your anxiety.

Confiding in someone is especially critical for fibromyalgia in teens. Make sure you have someone to rely on as you deal with this condition.

2. Establish a sleep pattern.

Sleeping is going to be challenging. However, it is not impossible. Set the mood for a night of relaxing sleep by using the right beddings, adjusting the room lights, and stopping the use of any gadgets about an hour before sleeping time.

3. Eat well and stay hydrated.

Counter the effects of fatigue by infusing your body with the right nutrients. Eat whole foods and skip the processed variety for now. Drink lots of water and opt for fresh juices instead of soda and alcoholic beverages.

4. Try yoga.

Yoga exercises can help you be in the present. When you can accomplish this, it might help clear the effects of fibro fog.


Chiropractic Care Is A Natural Solution To Fibromyalgia

It is important to remember that our body performs best if all the systems can complete their tasks without any issues. A small concern can trigger a series of reactions that might have overwhelming results.

The brain interprets all processes. On the other hand, the neck encases a brain section that connects to the spinal cord. If something happens to the neck, some areas of this structure might pressure its immediate surroundings. When this happens, the brain might be overwhelmed with the signals and start sending distress cues that can lead to fibromyalgia.

Upper cervical chiropractors are skilled and licensed professionals who can assess alignment issues in your neck and spine. Using modern approaches, they can restore the bones and discs to their appropriate places. A corrected alignment can smoothen the pathways, which might reduce the transmission of pain signals. When this happens, the effects of fibromyalgia might gradually lessen.

Chiropractors practicing Upper Cervical Care can help you determine the presence of alignment issues that might be aggravating your fibromyalgia. If you would like to set a session with an upper cervical chiropractor near you, our directory can help you find one. Go ahead and make that appointment. This natural option may help with fibromyalgia in teens and adults alike.

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