The Top 5 Most Misunderstood Complex Migraine Symptoms

Imagine this: You're busy finishing a project when suddenly, the world around you seems to fade into a blur. Your words jumble, your vision is disrupted, and the pain throbbing in your head becomes unbearable. These are just some of the bewildering symptoms of a complex migraine. Unlike a traditional headache, it can become a disorienting and frightening experience due to the accompanying complex migraine symptoms.

This blog post will delve into the most commonly misunderstood complex migraine symptoms and help shed some light on what can be done to cope better. 

#1. Aura

Complex migraine symptoms, often confused with classic migraines, are characterized by a visual disturbance known as an "aura" which precedes the headache. This aura, usually occurring up to an hour before the pain sets in, can involve seeing spots, sparks, or flickering lights. It can also cause partial vision loss.

Because it closely mimics the symptoms of eye conditions like a detached retina, many people often misinterpret auras as an eye problem rather than a symptom of a complex migraine. But unlike eye issues, auras are temporary and resolve as the headache phase of the migraine begins.

#2. Hemiparesis (Weakness on One Side of the Body)

During a complex migraine, some people experience hemiparesis - a temporary weakness on one side of the body. This can be misinterpreted as a stroke because it can affect your ability to move your arms, legs, and face. Although alarming, this symptom is transient and resolves as the headache improves.

#3. Difficulty Speaking

Dysphasia, or difficulty speaking, is another misunderstood symptom of complex migraines. You might struggle to find the right words, speak in broken or jumbled sentences, or even have slurred speech. This can be terrifying and is often mistaken for stroke symptoms. However, unlike a stroke, these speech difficulties resolve completely once the migraine subsides.

#4. Sensory Changes

Some people with complex migraines experience tingling, prickling, or numbness in their face, hands, or feet. This is often confused with the symptoms of a nerve disorder. Yet, these sensory changes are typically brief and resolve as the migraine episode ends.

#5. Cognitive Impairment

During a complex migraine, you might struggle with understanding language, concentrating, or remembering things. You may even feel confused or disoriented. This can be quite frightening and is often mistaken for symptoms of conditions like stroke or dementia. However, studies note that these cognitive impairments are temporary and will dissipate as the migraine eases.

Understanding the Underlying Trigger of Your Complex Migraines Symptoms

Understanding the symptoms of complex migraines can help you navigate the frightening experience. However, knowing the potential cause could open pathways to better managing this debilitating condition.

The atlas and axis, the two uppermost vertebrae of your spine, ensure smooth communication between your brain and the rest of your body. An injury or misalignment in these areas can disrupt normal nerve function and blood flow, potentially triggering complex migraines.

Turn Misunderstanding Into Action So You Can Escape Your Complex Migraines Symptoms

Complex migraine symptoms can be scary and often misunderstood. But with the right knowledge and understanding, you can transform fear into action.

Consider a comprehensive assessment by an Upper Cervical Doctor to check for misalignments in your atlas and axis. Upper Cervical Chiropractic care could be pivotal in managing your complex migraine symptoms more effectively.

Remember, the goal is not just to cope but to thrive. Don't let the misunderstood symptoms of complex migraines keep you in the dark. Seek out understanding, shine a light on the condition, and take the necessary steps towards a better quality of life. Schedule your initial appointment with an Upper Cervical Chiropractic office today!

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