Can Mint Help Curb Migraine and Neck Pain?

Migraine and Neck Pain, NUCCA chiropractic

When migraine and neck pain become a regular part of your life, finding a remedy like NUCCA chiropractic is the first thing you do. In your search for the ultimate relief options, you may have been told by some people to use mint to alleviate your nasty headaches and painful neck. So, what’s the basis of this claim? Can it indeed put an end to your headaches and neck pain? Let’s find out the truth in our discussion on mint, migraine episodes, and upper cervical spine pain below. 


Mint – One of Most Potent Ingredients in Natural Medicine

Thanks to its cooling and rejuvenating effects, mint has become one of the staple ingredients used in manufacturing breath freshener, toothpaste, and chewing gum. Some cosmetics companies also use mint to create soothing footbaths, acne relieving masks, and detoxifying body scrubs.

But why is this product so popular? And why do manufacturers bother adding it as an ingredient? 

As it turns out, mint oil offers a ton of health benefits. For example, most of the members of the mint family, like peppermint, chocolate mint, and spearmint, contain high levels of antioxidants. In addition, a study on pain and anxiety also found that mint extract helps calm the nerves and increase pain tolerance. 

It’s common for patients to use mint in aromatherapy to manage the pain brought by an achy neck and a migraine attack. 


How Mint Help with Migraine and Neck Pain

A 2015 study investigated the effects of STOPAIN, a topical menthol gel, and found pieces of evidence that mint works well as a migraine remedy. The experiment results showed that migraineurs experience massive relief from their headaches two hours after applying the gel to their temples. 

Another randomized trial demonstrated how topical menthol helps with achy muscles and joints along the neck, shoulders, and back. This is all thanks to the ability of menthol to block pain transmission from your brain. Also, its cooling sensation on the skin helps soothe or relax painful or tense muscles, bringing you instant relief.

If you’re struggling with headaches and neck pain due to a migraine attack, you can try adding mint oil or extract to your list of remedies. You can shop for soothing balms or oils that contain peppermint extract. If that’s not available, you can make your batch of migraine peppermint solution by combining 12 drops of peppermint extract with 1 ounce of your chosen carrier oil (almond, jojoba, etc.).  

Feel free to apply the balm or solution on your temples or the base of your neck each time you experience pain or headaches.

Migraine and Neck Pain, NUCCA chiropractic

Other Ways to Manage Migraines and Neck Pain

It’s good to have alternative options, especially when you don’t have access to products that contain mint extract. So here are other things that patients can try to cope with neck pain and migraine attacks. 

Communicate your pain

You might find it surprising how communicating about your migraine and neck pain with your loved ones can help you feel better. Besides getting it off your chest, it will help your loved ones understand what you’re going through. It also helps them to know how they can provide better support and assistance to you. 

Give yourself a long and relaxing break

Dwelling on your pain – or worse, exposing yourself to more and more stressors, will only lead to more severe repercussions. Instead, find the time to relax, especially if you’re under immense pressure at work or if you recently dealt with stressful events like losing a loved one. You can try relaxation techniques, go on a trip, undergo counseling therapy, or check out other tactics that can ease a weary mind.  

Steer clear from migraine and upper cervical pain triggers

Many things can trigger the onset of cervical pain and a migraine attack. Some examples include sitting in front of your computer for long hours, maintaining a poor posture, and eating trigger foods. You might also notice sudden migraine attacks after drinking excessive amounts of alcohol or coffee. 

We highly recommend keeping track of these so-called triggers in your diary. This way, you can avoid them or at least minimize your exposure.

Eat well and drink plenty of water

Maintaining a healthy diet and ensuring that you drink enough water can make a huge difference in your life. Such simple health and lifestyle practices help your body perform normal processes. They also ensure that your body stays in the best shape possible, minimizing your risks of frustrating neck pain and debilitating migraine episodes.


NUCCA Chiropractic To Help You End Your Suffering

It won’t be surprising if you have already tried every migraine and neck pain remedy known to man. Acupuncture, biofeedback, massage therapy, herbal medicine, you name it! And there’s nothing terrible about trying as many solutions as you can. 

The only problem arises when you don’t see enough changes in your symptoms. It gets even worse when the symptoms progress each month, causing you more and more disruptions. 

If that’s the case, you need to have your upper cervical bones checked by a NUCCA doctor. You likely have a cervical spinal misalignment. Unknown to you, the bones along the upper portion of your neck may be putting pressure on your spine and brainstem. As a result, you have chronic neck pain and migraine attacks that keep coming back. 

With the help of a NUCCA practitioner, you can gently restore your neck bones in their proper positions. It can eliminate the source of the problem and possibly, get rid of migraines and neck pain for good. 

If you’re keen on experiencing a life-changing procedure, we urge you to get your neck bone assessed as soon as you can. 

Work with a nearby upper cervical doctor specializing in the NUCCA procedure and start enjoying massive improvements in your migraine and neck pain today!

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