How a Minor Head Injury Can Lead to Vertigo

Can a minor head injury lead to vertigo?

When it comes to conditions like vertigo, most people would say that a head injury would have to be classified as a concussion before there is any reason to worry about future effects. However, researchers believe that even trivial head trauma can result in vertigo and other “post-concussion” symptoms. What are the underlying factors?

Head Injuries, Inflammation, and Vertigo

One factor that ties together all of the symptoms that can follow a head injury is inflammation. When damage occurs in the body, even minor damage, inflammation is the body’s response. Because of this, researchers are hoping to promote the term post-inflammatory brain syndrome to replace post-concussion syndrome since the later implies that only more serious injuries cause aftereffects like vertigo.

How Vertigo May Be Related to the Neck

When a head injury occurs, simultaneous neck injuries are common. In fact, about 90% of neck problems are attributed to trauma. Upper cervical subluxations can also create the environment that leads to vertigo and other post-concussion symptoms. As a result, many see the onset of vertigo after head or neck injuries.

For example, in a study involving 60 vertigo sufferrers, more than 93% could recall a head or neck injury that led up to the onset of symptoms. In that same study, 100% of sufferrers benefited from the same form of care—upper cervical chiropractic. In fact, while 20% of sufferrers saw a significant reduction in symptoms, the other 80% were completely vertigo-free in under 6 months.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care for Vertigo

Most forms of upper cervical care involve a low force correction which means you don’t have to go through the popping or twisting of the neck associated with general chiropractic. Rather, it entails a gentle and specific adjustment that encourages the spine to realign naturally with minimal force.  Thus, adjustments are long-lasting and give the body the time it needs to heal.

If you are dealing with the pain of vertigo, especially if you have a history of trauma (even a minor head injury), upper cervical chiropractic may be the natural means of relief you have been searching for.

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