Are Migraineurs At Risk for Developing Heart Problems?

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Many people with migraines are unaware they are at risk for heart disease. That is because there is a correlation between migraine and heart problems, which can lead to stroke and other cardiovascular issues if not addressed right away. Understanding how this problem in your upper cervical spine develops and make way to any form of a heart problem – and vice versa – and what you can do about it will allow you to live a healthier life with fewer migraines.


The Rationale

A migraine is a brain disorder, while a heart disease is a cardiovascular disorder. However, you can't compare the two directly because they're not the same thing, right? Well, not exactly—migraine and heart disease are related in more ways than most people know.In fact, many migraineurs experience accompanying heart problems during their migraines. The thing is, the two share common symptoms like chest pain or pressure, shortness of breath, and dizziness, making the connection easier to miss. And in some cases, these seemingly innocent migraine symptoms are more serious signs of a cardiovascular problem that requires immediate medical attention!


Why is the Risk of Heart Disease Higher in Migraineurs?

There are several reasons why migraine sufferers may be more at risk of having high blood pressure. Migraines can cause inflammation in your body, which can lead to the production of chemicals that raise your blood pressure and increase the risk of heart problems. In addition, it has been found that people with migraines tend to have lower dopamine levels in their brains compared to those without migraines. This chemical helps regulate blood flow, making it important to prevent high blood pressure. Some studies have shown that migraine sufferers are very likely to have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. But why? There is a growing body of research backing the theory that there may be some connection between cardiovascular problems in people with upper cervical problems, particularly migraine patients, and their tendency to experience other types of headaches, like cluster headaches frequently.

Cluster Headaches and Coronary Heart Disease Study

A study published in Neurology found that people who suffer from cluster headaches are 4-7x more likely than the general public to develop coronary artery disease (CAD). This makes sense because cluster headaches can be excruciating and debilitating, causing great stress on your body—both physically and mentally. In fact, they were once thought to be psychosomatic conditions until research found that cluster headaches actually result from abnormal nerve growth in the brainstem area responsible for vision control. It's possible that this abnormal nerve tissue growth could also affect other parts of your nervous system, like your heart rate or blood pressure regulation—which could lead up to CAD if not treated properly!

Cardiac Silent Ischemia Higher in Patients with Migraines

Researchers at University Hospital Basel conducted another interesting study. The researchers looked at data from 478 chronic migraine patients who had undergone electrophysiological testing before being treated with triptans (a type of drug used for acute attacks). The researchers found an increased risk for silent cardiac ischemia among these patients compared with those who did not suffer from chronic migraines.


Migraine Diagnosis Challenge

It can be difficult to diagnose heart disease, migraine, and other health problems like depression because the symptoms of each condition are similar. For example, chest pressure and pain are common symptoms for all three conditions. A person who has a migraine may have other symptoms, including nausea or vomiting, seeing flashing lights or blind spots, and numbness around their body. All of these are also some of the signs that one could experience in a stroke or heart attack. So, suppose you or someone you know experiences these symptoms regularly without having any other issues associated with their health. In that case, they should consider getting tested further – just to be sure.heart disease, upper cervical

Migraineurs Must-do to Avoid Heart Problems

Whether you suspect or you are diagnosed with migraine, here are some important things you shouldn’t miss doing to avoid any nasty surprises on your health down the line.

#1. Have regular check-ups

See your doctor for regular checkups. The first step in ensuring proper heart health is working closely with your doctor to manage your risk factor and address conditions that might aggravate your migraine, headaches, and cardiovascular concerns. They will examine the rhythm of your heartbeat, measure blood pressure and cholesterol levels, as well as test for diabetes (which can also contribute to heart problems).

#2. Seek additional medical treatments

If diagnosed with a migraine, ask your doctor if you need any additional treatment for blood pressure conditions, high cholesterol, and diabetes to ensure your heart is healthy.

#3. Try upper cervical chiropractic

If you suffer from migraine headaches, upper cervical care may be the perfect migraine relief option for you. Chiropractic care is an effective way to help people with migraines and other conditions that can cause migraines or be caused by this debilitating pain, like high blood pressure and diabetes. Upper cervical chiropractic also applies to people looking to manage pain and discomfort caused by:

  • Depression or anxiety
  • Sleep issues
  • Headaches


Upper Cervical Awareness: Your Partner in Relieving Headaches and Migraines

Suffering from migraines but don’t know where to start? Visit the Upper Cervical Awareness page. In it, you will find more information and resources on different kinds of headaches, and health conditions, as well as how chiropractic care might be able to help you in your quest for a healthier and more pain-free life! In addition, it can also provide the best tool for finding an upper cervical chiropractor near you through its Find-a-Doctor page. This page features a comprehensive list of doctors who can help you address migraine and other chronic pain conditions using upper cervical chiropractic adjustments.


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