A Migraineur’s Guide to Managing Mental Health Risks

mental health, chiropractor for migraines

Many people often say, "migraines can drastically affect your day" and go on and on about how their migraine symptoms victimize them and leave lasting impacts on their mental health. This is why it's not surprising why a survey of 6000 adults revealed that migraineurs are 50 percent more likely to experience mental health problems than healthy individuals. 

Thankfully, with the right approach and the assistance of professionals like a chiropractor for migraines, patients like you can manage the symptoms better. Are you familiar with these tips and remedies?


Taking Control of Your Mental Health Risks When You Have Migraines

While migraines can indeed affect your daily life, perhaps it would help to turn your perspective around and realize that you are the captain of your life. There is something you can do. As the captain, you have the power to take control of this condition that has been taking a toll on you and steer your boat towards calmer waters.

The first step is realizing that your lifestyle has a significant effect on the frequency of your migraine attacks, and knowing how it actually contributes to the advent of your down days, would be a great help. To help you understand the weight of the situation, we suggest trying a neat trick: tapping into the art of journaling—a simple and affordable way to improve your mental health.


Journaling for Migraine: How Does it Work?

You're probably wondering how journaling is connected to or even helps with your migraine. Let's help you understand why with the Oxford Dictionary's definition of journaling:

JOURNALING (dʒɜːnəlɪŋ) is the practice of keeping a journal or diary, especially in order to express one's thoughts.

Have you ever tried logging your migraine attacks and symptoms before? Journaling comes in handy in assessing and reviewing your symptoms and gaining new perspectives on your triggers, the duration of each attack, and the remedies that worked. Knowing as much as you can about your migraines can also help you strategize your migraine care plan. It can also offer additional benefits such as: 

  • Having a better grasp of your condition
  • Knowing which medications work 
  • Having a platform where you can openly express your thoughts and feelings
  • Becoming more conscious of your health and risks

These benefits may seem meager compared to the troubles of diligently keeping a journal. Still, when you really think of it, this simple practice of penning down your thoughts, experiences, and feelings can help you navigate challenges caused by migraines and lessen your risks for mental health problems like depression, anxiety, stress, and panic attacks.

mental health, chiropractor for migraines






Writing Your Journal

It is not easy to start writing a journal, especially when you know very little about your situation and triggers. So, we recommend opting for daily entries until you figure out the best set-up to follow. Also, you need not limit yourself to the traditional way of journaling. You can channel your inner creativity and experiment with different types of content like drawing, text, video entries, etc. Feel free to be creative or straightforward when writing or creating each journal entry. Just remember to note things that can give you a broader perspective of the status of your condition. Be sure to include crucial details such as: 

  • Entry Day and Date
  • Weather condition
  • Medications you've taken
  • Physical activities
  • Stress level (if applicable)
  • Dates of headache and episodes
  • Accompanying symptoms
  • Natural remedies you've tried
  • Poor lifestyle choices
  • Suspected triggers
  • History of neck or head trauma
  • Other pre-existing conditions (hypertension, diabetes, etc.)

Remember, the goal of migraine journaling is to find a pattern of your triggers based on your current lifestyle. This way, you can address your condition better and avoid being bound by debilitating symptoms.

It will also help to have a separate record for migraine attacks to better view your symptoms and episodes. Make a note of when you noticed the symptoms and how long until you experienced a full-blown migraine attack. Eventually, you can better understand what lifestyle changes you need and who to call for help when you have enough data points.


Chiropractor for Migraines: Your Partner in Achieving Relief

Hopefully, our discussion helped highlight the advantages of keeping a journal, especially when suffering from migraine. If you don't have one yet, we strongly suggest following our tips so you can start preparing one for future migraine attacks. On top of that, we also suggest checking in with a chiropractor for migraines – one of the best healthcare professionals to approach for migraine relief. 

A chiropractor for migraine helps by checking and addressing C1 and C2 bone misalignments – a common problem among US adults. The neck bone adjustments keep migraine attacks at bay by eliminating imbalances in the nervous system that stem from the displaced C1 and C2 bones. The technique also helps patients address migraine-causing problems like impaired blood and cerebrospinal fluid flow and brainstem and nerve irritation. 

We encourage you to explore this migraine relief option if you haven't found an effective remedy. It applies to various age groups and backgrounds and works wonders with other migraine-relieving techniques such as journaling.

We strongly suggest considering upper cervical chiropractic if you previously injured your neck during a car accident or an intense sporting activity. This way, you can take advantage of a drug-free option to reduce the impact of migraines on your physical and mental wellbeing.  

Discover how you can prevent worse migraine attacks with the help of a chiropractor for migraines. Please contact an upper cervical chiropractic physician today to schedule your C1 and C2 bone assessment.


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