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Migraines have been shown to occur more often in people who also suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), according to a recent study. The study’s author noted that migraines and IBS are common conditions with unknown causes. A connection may shed light on the shared genes of these conditions.

The study involved 107 people who complained of episodic migraines, 53 people with tension headaches, 107 with IBS, and 53 healthy individuals. The study revealed that 54% of those with migraines also had IBS, while 28% of those with tension headaches had IBS. Of the ones with IBS, 38 had migraines, and 24 had tension headaches.

There were two specific genes related to serotonin that were different in those with migraines, tension headaches, and IBS than in the genes of those who were healthy.  The author stated that further studies should prove it, but discovering shared genes make way to better care for these conditions.

Effective Care for Migraines

Upper cervical chiropractors have been helping their patients cope with migraines for many years now. Often, this neurological condition can be due to a misalignment of the bones of the upper neck (the C1 and C2 vertebrae). These bones are in the same area as the brainstem. If they misalign, they can put undue pressure on the brainstem causing it to malfunction. This may also lead to disruption in the flow of cerebrospinal fluid and blood to and from the brain.

We use a gentle method to help the bones to move back into place naturally, without popping or cracking the spine. Once the bones are back in place, the body can begin to function at its optimum once again. This can improve the health of the person overall and may bring relief to a migraine sufferer. In fact, correcting this misalignment may even bring some relief to related conditions like IBS.

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