Why migraines seem to be hereditary?

Migraines have a strong tendency to run in families. Approximately 90% of migraine sufferers have a family history of the condition. Does that mean that they are a genetic condition that is inherited? While the underlying cause of the condition remains unclear, a recent study addressed a genetic anomaly that can predispose a person to migraine occurrence. Here is some more information on the study and also a natural way to find relief.

A Genetic Predisposition to Migraines

Researchers in Tehran, Iran have identified a polymorphism in the rs4343 gene that seems to be related to a predisposition to migraines. They compared data between 148 migraine sufferers and 149 healthy persons who made up the control group.

A polymorphism is the technical way of saying a genetic variation. In other words, there is a difference in the rs4343 gene for many migraine patients that does not exist for the majority of people in general, at least for the few hundred people in the study.

This may give some explanation as to why the disorder tends to run in families even though it isn’t really a genetic disorder.

Natural Relief for This Neurological Disorder

Whether your migraines are due to a predisposition or they began following some type of trauma, there is an alternative way to find relief that you may find interesting. Upper cervical chiropractors know that reduction and elimination of migraines are possible when correction of an atlas (C1) misalignment happens.

The general chiropractic community does not often focus on this bone. It requires very precise measurements and gentle adjustments. An average chiropractor does not have the training to perform them. Therefore, if you are experiencing migraines, a consultation with an upper cervical practitioner may be in order.

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