Migraines —What to Do When Even Your Hair Hurts

Tips in managing hair pain while experiencing migraine

If you suffer from migraine headaches, you may also be familiar with a surprisingly common symptom—hair pain. The actual migraine symptom is allodynia. It refers to central sensitization of pain that leads to experiencing pain in an exaggerated way or from a stimulus that normally does not produce pain. Allodynia is actually related to one theory of the underlying cause of fibromyalgia. It is estimated that up to two-thirds of migraine patients experience allodynia, and for some, it presents itself as hair pain.

Under normal circumstances, brushing one’s hair, wearing a hat, letting water spray over one’s hair in the shower, our putting your hair up in a loose ponytail shouldn’t cause any pain. However, you may find that all changes during a migraine attack. Why is this the case?

What Is the Link Between Migraines and Hair Pain?

According to one healthcare director, when a migraine occurs some of the nerve cells fire repeatedly. This can lead to allodynia. Fibromyalgia researchers have also discovered that patients experience additional blood flow to parts of the brain that interpret pain levels but reduced blood flow to parts of the brain that deal with pain emotionally. If migraines really are linked to central sensitization, similar factors may be involved.

One important factor when it comes to migraines that have hair pain as a symptom is that the presence of this symptom may indicate a likelihood of more frequent episodes. How can you cope with migraine headaches, hair pain, and other symptoms?

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Can Help

Many elements of pain processing require the brainstem to be functioning properly. A misaligned upper cervical spine can affect proper brainstem function. It may also lead to changes in blood flow to the brain. The many symptoms of migraines may be the result. Therefore, if you suffer from migraines, it makes sense to have your upper cervical spine checked by a professional. Locate an upper cervical chiropractor near you, and you may find yourself on the road to better overall health.

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