Neck Misalignment and Migraines After a Football Head Injury

Neck Misalignment, migraine and neck pain

Are you frequently nursing a painful headache after a football collision? Do these headaches evolve into debilitating migraines that disrupt your daily routine? Are you finding it difficult to distinguish between a routine headache and something more severe? If you've found yourself nodding along, this blog post might hold the answers you've been seeking. Read on as we discuss how previous football head injuries can haunt you in the present and how NUCCA Chiropractic Care can turn your life around and relieve both your migraine and neck pain after a traumatic injury.

Football, Head Collisions, and Migraines

Football, a physically intense and thrilling sport, does come with its share of risks. Among these, head collisions are quite common. These impacts can lead to more than just temporary discomfort or a short-lived headache. They could result in migraines, a more severe form of headache that tends to persist and significantly affect your quality of life.

How Upper Cervical Subluxation Affects Health

Head collisions during a football game can lead to an injury known as an Upper Cervical subluxation. This term refers to a misalignment of the uppermost vertebrae in your spine, specifically the first two - the atlas and the axis. These two vertebrae, and their alignment, play a crucial role in maintaining the body's overall balance and ensuring efficient communication between the brain and the body. When a head collision causes a misalignment, this crucial communication pathway could be disrupted, potentially leading to various health issues, including migraines.

Upper Cervical Subluxation: The Underlying Trigger for Post-Collision Migraines?

The Upper cervical spine houses essential structures like the brainstem and vertebral arteries, responsible for vital life functions and blood supply to the brain, respectively. When a football head collision leads to Upper Cervical subluxation, it could affect these structures, potentially causing decreased blood flow to the brain and abnormal brainstem function—both factors that could contribute to the development of migraines.

Moreover, an Upper Cervical subluxation might disrupt the normal flow of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). This fluid cushions your brain and spinal cord and removes waste products. Any disturbance in its flow can increase intracranial pressure, another known trigger for migraines.

It's important to note that the body's stress response often increases after a traumatic event such as a football head collision. This heightened stress response can intensify the effects of neck bone misalignments, making migraines more likely to ruin your day.

NUCCA Chiropractic: A Potential Solution for Migraine and Neck Pain

While the situation seems daunting, there's a ray of hope. Upper Cervical subluxation is a correctable condition. This is where a NUCCA (National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association) doctor can play a vital role.

NUCCA doctors are trained to detect and correct such postural imbalances using a precise and gentle technique. By restoring proper alignment and improving nerve function, a NUCCA chiropractic adjustment could alleviate migraine symptoms, offering lasting relief. Additionally, the NUCCA method focuses on long-term stability, aiming to maintain alignment over time, thereby preventing recurring symptoms.Don't let migraines sideline you from life's joys. By booking an appointment with a NUCCA doctor, you're making a crucial step towards prioritizing your health after a football head collision. It's not just about coping with the pain but understanding its root cause and finding a path to relief.

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