Determining Migraine Triggers and Seeking Preventative Care

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For the 38 million Americans with migraines and all the rest of migraine sufferers around the world who make this the third most common disorder globally, care often focuses on symptoms rather than prevention. However, a recent study revealed that a migraine diary really is an effective way to identify and eliminate potential migraine triggers.

A Case for Individualized Migraine Care

The study involved 326 patients. Each kept his or her own journal with details of what led up to each migraine over the course of 90 days. By the end of the study, 87% of the participants had an accurate picture of the specific triggers he or she faced. The most interesting part of the study was that 85% of patients found their triggers to be unique from other study participants, showing the wide range of things that can affect migraines and how different these are from person to person. There were 33 different factors that were thoroughly investigated as a part of the study, but only 8 of these triggers proved to be common among the group.

This certainly helps to explain why patients find it so difficult to seek effective care. If triggers are so different, it is tough to expect any one medication to work for everyone, especially when those medications are only targeted at symptoms.

Striking Migraines at Their Source

One thing that migraines have in common is that they often spring from neurovascular sources. For example, pressure on the brainstem, restricted blood flow to the brain, or problems with cerebrospinal fluid drainage can all play a role. These also happen to be common effects of an upper cervical misalignment.

For this reason, many migraine sufferers respond well to upper cervical chiropractic care. Some even see complete resolution of migraines. This is a natural way to try and get ahead of migraines rather than waiting for the next one to strike. Contacting a local upper cervical chiropractor may be your first step toward fewer migraines.

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