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There is no miracle cure for migraines. In fact, current medications prescribed for migraines focus on symptomatic care. Once a migraine begins, the medication is used to mitigate certain symptoms such as pain or nausea. What new developments, in migraine drugs, have been recently reported on? Is there an existing way to find relief without the side effects of many medications? Read on to learn more.

New Migraine Treatment Drug in Progress

An experimental drug has been developed that is administered via intravenous. The intent of the drug is to have it be administered just 4 times a year. The process takes approximately 30 minutes. The goal is to reduce the frequency of migraines or prevent them altogether if possible. How is the drug doing in clinical trials?

Research is entering the third phase of a trial now, but there is still plenty of testing to go before the drug is ready for the FDA. While the theory of a new drug that could stop migraines is exciting, until it proves successful, it doesn’t help the 38 million Americans suffering from migraines. Additionally, researchers have not yet commented on potential side effects of the drug.

A Natural Way to Get Migraine Relief

Rather than waiting for a miracle drug, why not seek side-effect-free help now? Upper cervical chiropractic care is helping people all over the world to experience fewer migraines. How does it work?

The atlas (C1 vertebra) is at the base of the skull where the brain meets the spinal cord. Thus, a misalignment may affect the brainstem. It may also affect the vertebral arteries, resulting in a decreased flow of blood to the brain. Finally, cerebrospinal fluid drainage may be affected, causing it to pool. Any of these factors can lead to migraines.

Upper cervical chiropractic involves a low force correction that provides gentle and long-lasting relief from upper cervical subluxations. For many migraine sufferers, such an adjustment has also led to benefits. To learn more, find an upper cervical practitioner near you.

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