Migraine Tests and Medications - Are Some a Waste of Money?

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The financial burden of migraine headaches on the United States alone is incredible. Diagnostic imaging in connection with headaches costs the US more than a billion dollars per year. Many of those tests, along with medications that get prescribed, are unnecessary according to a University of Michigan researcher. How can you seek better care and only pay for what you need?

Seeking Superior Migraine Care

One of the recommended ways to reduce imaging costs is to talk openly with practitioners about why certain tests are being ordered. You should never refuse diagnostic imaging simply because of the cost. The idea of talking it out with the doctor is to make sure that the test is necessary. Sometimes a physician may feel like it is easier simply to order the expected tests rather than to explain to a patient the reasons they are not needed in this particular case.

When it comes to medication, opioids (used for pain relief) come up the most as far as something that may be getting prescribed unnecessarily just because it is the common and expected practice. However, headaches, and even most migraines, can be cared for by over-the-counter medications, especially since pain medication is just masking the symptom and not healing the condition.

Upper Cervical Care—A Cost-Effective Alternative

For many, upper cervical care is providing a cost-effective way to get help for migraines, and headaches. Numerous case studies point to the benefits of upper cervical care for this condition. The advantages include the fact that upper cervical chiropractic has none of the same side effects of opioids. Also, since many find that migraines are relieved with just one or two adjustments and are kept at bay with only occasional checkups, this is a far less expensive way to get relief.

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