Migraine Survival Kit: A Must-Have for Every Patient

Migraine Survival Kit, chiropractor for migraines

If migraine is a regular part of your life, there’s no better way to cope than having a migraine survival kit on hand (besides visiting a chiropractor for migraines, of course!). It should contain surefire remedies that can help you manage your symptoms during an episode. Not sure what your emergency kit should include? Don’t worry! We thought of creating an in-depth guide on what you should prepare for migraine attacks in your first aid kit.

Things to Remember When Preparing Your Kit

Like any other emergency kit, your migraine survival package should come in handy. So, as much as possible, you should put everything you need in an easy-to-carry container. This will allow you to carry it anywhere you go, like the school, mall, workplace, or even a vacation destination. But, more importantly, it should be compact, so you can conveniently squeeze it inside your backpack, tote bag, or handbag.  

Also, make sure to keep the kit in a cool place when you don’t use it. This step is crucial, especially if you will pack medications or wearable packs.


What to Include In Your Migraine Survival Pack

Life doesn’t stop for many people who experience migraine attacks. Some have to carry on with their regular travel schedule, while others have to work or go to school. If you’re among these folks who can’t afford to miss a day because you have a pounding headache, here are the top 8 things you should consider including in your emergency kit. 

#1. Peppermint essential oil

A study notes that peppermint oil can help soothe headaches. That’s because it contains plant extracts that calm the nerves and relax tight muscles. You can easily source a bottle of peppermint essential oil online or from your favorite health and beauty shops. You can dilute a few drops of peppermint oil with a carrier oil like coconut oil and apply it to your aching temples. 

#2. Cold packs  

Cold packs work like a charm for migraine relief. They’re also widely available in physical shops like Walmart or online marketplaces like Amazon. Generally, cold compresses or wearable packs contain a cooling gel that can provide migraine relief for a few hours during a sweltering day. 

#3. Migraine glasses

If you often struggle with migraine episodes but can’t make necessary adjustments to your routine, we recommend carrying migraine glasses. These are helpful in filtering specific light wavelengths that trigger an attack. 

Migraine Survival Kit, chiropractor for migraines

#4. Earbuds or foam plugs

Migraine attacks can get triggered by loud sounds, a typical problem among everyday commuters. That’s why it’s a must to include earbuds or foam plugs in your migraine survival kit. These simple protective devices can dampen sounds from honking cars or screeching tires. 

#5. Medication for migraine symptoms

As someone who regularly experiences migraine episodes, you might have tried using OTC or prescription drugs for migraines. If these medications help you cope, it won’t hurt to carry a few pills with you. Make sure to place them in clean, dry, and airtight containers to prevent contamination.

#6. Relaxation devices or toys 

Stress can trigger severe bouts of migraine symptoms. Sometimes, it stems from an emotional trigger like the death of a loved one. But, in some cases, it occurs because of physical stress, primarily when you work long hours each day. If you have specific trigger points, then we suggest finding a way to manage them. Alternatively, you can use relaxation tools or devices like fidget spinners, compact muscle massagers, or stress balls.   

#7. Hot packs 

Sometimes migraine attacks happen because of tight muscles around the neck area. It’s a common problem among people who previously suffered neck trauma and have a cervical subluxation. If you’re among these individuals, you might find it helpful to include hot packs in your migraine crisis kit. You can apply the hot compress on your jaw, shoulder, or neck muscles to ease your muscle spasms and reduce the impact of your migraine episodes.   

#8. Migraine diary (or app)

Besides the items we listed above, we also highly recommend packing a migraine diary. This will help you monitor your episodes and learn crucial information such as:

  • The frequency and severity of each attack
  • Your migraine triggers
  • Medications or remedies that work for you
  • Food or drinks that cause you to experience worse bouts of headaches
  • Accompanying symptoms and how they impact your body

Be sure to note as many details as you can so you can provide a detailed report when you visit your doctor or chiropractor for migraines.

Tired of Living with Chronic Migraines?

Indeed, even when you have a complete migraine survival kit, you will most certainly reach a breaking point. It would urge you to find a way to end your frustrating health problems once and for all. Thankfully, finding a lasting and sustainable source of relief is very much possible with the help of a chiropractor for migraines

Chiropractic techniques like upper cervical chiropractic come in handy in helping migraineurs alleviate their symptoms. Some studies even explain that many patients resolve their symptoms after fully restoring their C1 and C2 bone alignment.  If you have grown tired of relying on home remedies or medication to get rid of your pulsating headaches, nausea, and other migraine symptoms, you might find it helpful to seek a neck chiropractor. 

This way, you can determine if you have a cervical subluxation and begin receiving adjustments to correct the problem. Upper cervical chiropractic has a long history among migraineurs as it continues to provide life-changing benefits that last for years. 

Contact a chiropractor for migraines and find out how you can live a migraine-free life today!

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