5 Migraine Risk Factors and One Natural Way to Get Help

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Migraines are an extremely common condition with approximately 38 million Americans suffering from them. What are some indicators that reveal whether a person is at higher risk for getting migraines? We’re going to discuss 5 factors and one common source of natural relief.

5 Risk Factors for Migraine Problems

Migraines often occur following some form of head or neck trauma. For example, a person may experience a concussion while playing sports or suffer whiplash in a car accident. However, there are also certain factors that may make a person more prone to migraines. Here are 5:

  • Gender – While boys are more likely to have migraines than girls as children, the number of adult women with migraines far exceeds men.
  • Hormone Changes – Again, this primarily relates to women with migraines. Migraine conditions seem to get worse when hormones fluctuate such as during menstruation, pregnancy, or menopause.
  • Medical Conditions – People who have conditions such as epilepsy, depression or anxiety disorders, or hypertension seem to be more predisposed to migraines.
  • Age – Most people experience their first migraine before age 40. While some experience migraines earlier in life, most cases start after age 15.
  • Genetics – Family history seems to increase the likelihood of migraine occurrence significantly, pointing to a potential genetic predisposition.

Natural Help for Migraine Sufferers

Again, many migraines go back to some form of physical trauma. Earlier I cited sports injuries or car accidents, but upper cervical misalignments can be caused by anything from a slip and fall to domestic abuse. That misalignment can, in turn, lead to the onset of migraines. Why is this the case?

The C1 and C2 vertebrae are positioned at the base of the skull. A misalignment can affect brainstem function, inhibit cerebrospinal fluid drainage, or slow blood flow to the brain. Any of these factors can result in migraines.

As a result, correcting this underlying issue has led to migraine relief for many patients. If you suffer from migraines, especially if you have any history or head or neck trauma, contact an upper cervical chiropractor near you today. You may find yourself on the way to being migraine free.  

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