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Are you having constant migraine attacks that interfere with your active lifestyle? Do you often skip going on a quick run, basking under the sun with your family on weekends, and even cycling around the neighborhood in fear of an impending migraine attack? 

Four years ago, Heidi, an Upper Cervical Chiropractic patient, was stuck in a similar situation. In her testimonial video, she shared how her migraines affected her athletic performance. She also mentioned how things changed significantly after receiving NUCCA Chiropractic Care.


Patient Suffered Years of Pain and Poor Athletic Performance 

Before she discovered NUCCA Chiropractic, Heidi was in so much pain due to migraines, not to mention she was dealing with knee injuries, which affected her athletic performance and sleep. She had been seeing a traditional chiropractor for years, but her symptoms didn’t improve much. Desperate to relieve her pain, improve her sports performance and eliminate her migraine episodes, she tried the NUCCA method of Upper Cervical Chiropractic.


From Extreme Migraines to Zero Pain + Improved Athletic Performance and Better Sleep

After regular visits to a NUCCA chiropractor, her migraine situation has improved substantially, and she has slept better ever since. Thanks to NUCCA, she now enjoys a pain-free body and better athletic performance, which are incredible!NUCCA is one of the many Upper Cervical Care techniques that offer people with migraines and headache disorders hope and healing. It focuses on improving the alignment of the atlas bone. The atlas refers to the topmost neck bone. It is a uniquely shaped bone that supports the head and influences the overall spinal structure. Notably, this bone can shift out of place after sports accidents. The sheer force during a sports accident can cause the connective tissues supporting the neck to tear or get damaged.  This affects the entire spine because the vertebral bones must compromise their position to keep the head upright. It also impacts several nerve roots, muscles, blood vessels, and other tissues and disrupts your body's normal processes, like sending brain signals and healing damaged tissues. Thankfully, through NUCCA Chiropractic, you can ease the misaligned atlas bone back into its original alignment. This, in turn, allows other misaligned bones, like the axis and the rest of the vertebral bones, to straighten. Additionally, this can help remove pressure on other affected body structures. Ultimately, NUCCA also activates your body's innate ability to heal and recover from chronic health concerns like recurring migraine episodes. NUCCA Chiropractic

Benefits of NUCCA Care for Migraine Sufferers

Migraine symptoms can easily take over your life and prevent you from doing things you love the most, such as in the case of Heidi. Your episodes can also feel overwhelming and affect various aspects of your life, like your sleep, sports, relationships, productivity, and even your self-esteem.Now is a great time to explore a holistic option to heal your body and manage your migraine episodes. If you notice common signs of neck bone misalignments like recurring neck pain, migraines, uneven gait, or unlevelled shoulders and hips, or if you have a history of neck and head injuries, you might want to consult with a NUCCA doctor. Doing so will help you enjoy the following benefits like Heidi:

  • Improved body posture and gait
  • Less frequent migraine episodes
  • Better quality of sleep
  • Lasting adjustments to help you enjoy longer relief from your pain
  • Improved ability to heal damaged tissues, especially from previous injuries (whiplash, concussions, etc.)

Many migraineurs, like Heidi, swear by the superb benefits that NUCCA offers. Hence, you might also find it helpful in unlocking powerful healing and improving how you deal with day-to-day challenges brought on by your migraine symptoms. 

Time to Consult a NUCCA Chiropractic Doctor

Have you ever considered seeking a NUCCA Chiropractic doctor to alleviate your migraine pain and discomfort? Heidi's personal story highlights several reasons why migraineurs with previous head and neck injuries must certainly give NUCCA Care a try. Book your appointment with a nearby NUCCA doctor in your city!Watch Heidi’s full testimonial video.


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