Why migraine journal is insufficient in finding it's long term relief?

Migraine headaches are a complex neurovascular condition that presents differently from patient to patient. As a result, what triggers an episode for one person may be completely different from the next. This has led physicians to encourage the use of a migraine journal.

What Is a Migraine Journal?

A migraine journal is a way for patients to track what things occur in the hours before an attack. Thus, many patients have been able to identify specific triggers such as foods, beverages, and sleep patterns.  Avoiding these triggers may reduce the number of attacks a person experiences. So what’s the problem?

Unfortunately, migraine triggers that can be avoided seem to be the less common triggers. More common are things like stress, sensory stimuli, and weather changes. It can be difficult to avoid these triggers, leading to more frustration than relief. One may even start to cancel plans when certain weather patterns known to be migraine triggers are in the forecast.

A Real Solution to Migraine Troubles

While searching for triggers may help in some cases, many are unavoidable. There is, however, a natural means of getting help for the condition that is seeing success. That is upper cervical chiropractic.  Why is a gentle neck adjustment effective for providing long-term migraine relief?

The C1 and C2 vertebrae are positioned right at the base of the skull. This area is rich in nerves and blood vessels that are vital to the central nervous system. A misalignment can do everything from place pressure on the brainstem to restrict the proper flow of blood to the brain.

As a result, a gentle adjustment that corrects an upper cervical misalignment may remove the underlying problem that is contributing to migraines. Many find that migraine occurrence is reduced or completely resolved after just one or two adjustments. Occasional follow-up examinations ensure that vertebrae stay in place and benefits continue.

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