Migraine and Genetics: New Study Gives Hope for Patients

migraine, genetics, cervical chiropractor

Genetics is among the risk factors that a headache doctor or cervical chiropractor looks into when assessing a patient's medical history. That's because having a family member with frequent migraine attacks increases a patient's likelihood of experiencing the same (if not worse) symptoms by up to 60 percent. While the genes responsible don't cause migraines to develop, they can heighten a patient's sensitivity to triggers like bright lights and excessive caffeine intake.  

A recently published study looked into this matter and highlighted crucial facts and stats. The researchers analyzed the DNA material of 102,084 migraineurs and 771,257 individuals who don't experience migraines.


Key Findings from the Migraine Study

Several studies on the genetics of a migraine attack have been published in medical and scientific journals over the years. However, most of them focused on hemiplegic migraine – a rare sub-type of the condition that mimics stroke symptoms. This time, the group of researchers for the new study found strong evidence that migraine with aura and without aura are indeed different conditions – not only in how they manifest but also in their genetic make-up. 

Additionally, the studies found 123 gene regions associated with migraine attacks – 86 of which were previously unknown to migraine specialists. Essentially these sections of the DNA strand contain instructions for proteins and receptors related to the onset of migraine attacks.

The study also found genetic evidence to prove that migraine has both vascular (blood vessel-related) and neuronal origins, providing the medical community with more insights into managing migraines' impacts.

How The Findings Can Affect Patients Today

New migraine oral medications like CGRP inhibitors and serotonin F1 receptors show potential in preventing the onset of worse migraine attacks. Interestingly, these oral drugs target the discovered gene regions in the study. Because of the findings from the study, pharmaceutical companies can develop targeted and personalized migraine treatments for patients. 

The study has also added new insights on the pathophysiology of migraine attacks, helping professionals like cervical chiropractors and headache doctors provide better patient care.

migraine, genetics, cervical chiropractor

Other Popular Options for Migraine Relief

Migraine research has shown much progress over the years. In the early days, healthcare professionals were only familiar with a few sub-types of migraines. But, recently, doctors and Upper Cervical chiropractors have grown accustomed to working with various cases ranging from migraine with aura to hemiplegic migraines. 

Thankfully, because of the continuous efforts to understand this complex neurological condition, patients have more and more options to manage their episodes. Some of these you already know after doing your research or trying them first hand. While others might not be as popular but also provide you a chance to live free from your crippling symptoms. Here's a closer look at your options:


Traditional medicine believes that activating pressure points in the body can help alleviate pain. Hence, some people who experience frequent migraine episodes explore this option, especially when at home, and prefer to use a natural way to relieve their symptoms. A 2017 study found that acupressure on the head and wrist can help reduce the pain and discomfort from migraine headaches and nausea.  


Besides helping you improve blood flow, yoga can relieve muscle tension, especially in the cervical spine. This alleviates the pressure on your brainstem and trigeminal nerve – two tissues widely associated with the onset of severe migraine symptoms. 

Stress management

Stressful situations such as traffic jams, lack of work-life balance, and financial problems can send your brain into overdrive. It also increases the production of cortisol, a stress hormone that affects the release of serotonin. Unfortunately, when the serotonin levels in the body dip, you become more likely to experience migraine episodes. 


Several studies found aromatherapy helpful in relieving migraines. Some of the usual essential oils that patients use to curb their symptoms include lavender, eucalyptus, and chamomile. Putting a few drops of these oils in your diffuser during an episode might help you cope better. 

Upper Cervical Care 

Neckbone misalignments can increase the risk for migraines and other chronic conditions. So, it may be wise to look into your posture with the help of a cervical chiropractor. The misaligned bones on your cervical spine prevent your nervous system from functioning correctly, making you highly susceptible to intense migraine attacks. The bones can also impede fluid flow to your head, increasing intracranial pressure and reducing the supply of oxygen and essential nutrients to your nervous system.


A Local Cervical Chiropractor Can Help You Cope With Your Symptoms

Migraine research will most likely provide the community with more hope for better and improved relief options. The new remedies for migraines can work hand in hand with well-established techniques like upper cervical chiropractic. If you haven't tried Upper Cervical Chiropractic care yet, we recommend booking a consultation with a nearby cervical chiropractor.

This will help you assess whether you need chiropractic adjustments to your C1 and C2 bones. Additionally, your complimentary consultation will help you understand the role of your posture in preventing and managing health mishaps like migraine episodes. 

The technique is gentle and safe and has worked wonders for many patients. Each patient receives tailored-fit adjustments thanks to the comprehensive and sophisticated diagnostic procedure followed by Upper Cervical doctors. 

You might have been living with postural imbalances due to previous traumatic injuries or poor practices at work, such as sitting for long hours without stretching. Let a professional Upper Cervical chiropractor help you fix your posture and restore balance in your nervous system. Contact a nearby Upper Cervical Chiropractic office today!

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