Migraine-Free Thanks to Upper Cervical Care: A Success Story

chiropractor for migraine

Do you spend most days worrying about an impending migraine attack? Are you a mother of two or more kids concerned about how another migraine episode will force you to compromise your plans, like going out for a quick meal or driving by the nearest park for a nice picnic? Have you tried every bit of migraine remedy on the market but still have days when you can't leave the house because of pulsating head pain, tunnel vision, nausea, vomiting, and lethargy?

Jennifer, a 58-year-old mom of two, was stuck in the same situation as yours before meeting with her trusted chiropractor for migraine. Upper Cervical Care helped her take back her life from her horrible migraine attacks. Thanks to her consistent efforts and the dedicated care plan provided by her Upper Cervical doctor, she no longer had to depend so much on migraine medications. Finally, she had more energy to spend on the things she cherished most.


A Car Accident from Decades Ago Changed Jennifer's Life

Jennifer's life took an unfortunate turn 18 years ago. She was in a serious car accident that hurt her head and neck. While she did recover from the wounds she sustained, an undetectable problem ensued and affected her life for years. Unknown to her, the connective tissues along her neck got torn by the forceful impact she suffered from the incident. Her atlas and axis bones tilted away from the central axis of her body, causing her head to shift and her vertebral column to twist. 

This led to a plethora of problems, including severe headaches that prevented her from doing chores and affected her overall well-being. Frustrated by the lack of improvements she saw after taking advantage of other migraine remedies like oral medications and even botox injections, she considered exploring an option she came across after researching: Upper Cervical Chiropractic.


Upper Cervical Chiropractic Adjustments Hold

Her trip to a chiropractor for migraine proved helpful in managing her recurring headaches and migraine episodes. She discovered that she had atlas subluxation and that her posture problem had been preventing her body from healing properly since the accident.

The misaligned bones have also been affecting her brainstem, causing nerve signal problems and chemical imbalances in her nervous system. The neck bone misalignment also impacted blood flow and cerebrospinal fluid drainage. All along, her severe migraine episodes have been recurring because of the changes in her cervical spine.  

Her Cervical Chiropractor customized her care plan to help her atlas and axis bones shift back into a neutral alignment. The chiropractic adjustments she received provided her with lasting relief. She no longer depended on oral medication to suppress her symptoms and ensure she could complete chores at home and work. To date, Jennifer continues to receive Upper Cervical Care to have her posture checked and ensure that migraine episodes and other crippling health problems will never take over her life again.

chiropractor for migraine

Take Advantage of Natural Healing: Talk to a Chiropractor for Migraine Today

Just like Jennifer, you too can potentially break free from the shackles of your migraine episodes. If you've had neck or head injuries in the past, Upper Cervical Care is a worth-it option to explore so you can finally lessen the pain you experience. It will also help you focus on doing things that matter to you, like attending to your kids, caring for yourself, and being the awesome person that you are. Schedule your appointment with an Upper Cervical doctor in your city today!


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