Migraine Cocktails: What They Are and How They Work

Migraine Cocktails, silent migraine

When migraine is a normal part of your life, learning a thing or two about how to cope during an episode can be very helpful. For starters, you might find it beneficial to familiarize yourself with migraine cocktails. Many patients turn to migraine cocktails to relieve their symptoms. After all, it can come in handy for both regular or silent migraine attacks. 

If you’re not sure how this option works or what alternatives you can use if you want an all-natural approach, our discussion below might be helpful. 


What are Migraine Cocktails?

When you hear about cocktails, you most likely think of refreshing alcoholic mixes like Vodka Martini or Tommy’s Margarita. So naturally, migraine cocktails might seem to refer to something similar – an alcoholic drink made for someone with migraines. 

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case because alcohol is a well-known migraine trigger. Studies note that drinking alcoholic beverages can trigger two kinds of migraines, namely:

  • Migraine headaches that occur right after drinking
  • Delayed alcohol-induced headache 

These two effects mostly happen because alcohol tends to cause dehydration and increased inflammation. Therefore, if you frequently have migraines, we highly recommend keeping tabs on your alcohol intake. Instead of drinking cocktails, we also suggest asking your doctor or neurologist for a migraine cocktail prescription.

Simply put, migraine cocktails refer to a combination of medications used to relieve headaches, vertigo, nausea, and other migraine symptoms. Doctors customize the prescription based on the frequency and severity of the condition and the needs of the patients. It works for all kinds of migraines, even silent migraine which doesn’t cause painful headaches.


Common Ingredients of a Migraine Cocktail

No two migraine cocktails are the same because each patient has a different need. For example, one might experience frequent attacks with symptoms like nausea, tunnel vision, and headaches, while another patient only has temporary vision loss, confusion, and sensory sensitivity. 

Here are some of the medications included in a doctor’s prescribed migraine cocktail:

  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) 
  • Intravenous drugs (steroids, valproic acid, hydration dials, etc.) 
  • IV magnesium
  • Triptans (or other medications for vasoconstriction)
  • Antiemetics
  • Antihistamines
  • Ergot alkaloids

Undoubtedly, these hardly comprise a relaxing alco-mix, but they can provide much-needed migraine relief when used correctly.

Migraine Cocktails, silent migraine






How Migraine Cocktails Provide Relief

ER doctors and neurologists often prescribe migraine cocktails to patients with severe episodes. These drugs usually get administered intravenously, no more than three times a week. This is also a common remedy that patients seek when other remedies fail to work. 

On average, it takes about an hour before you feel the effects of a migraine cocktail. It also shows promising results as studies note that it works for 1 out of 7 migraine patients

Essentially, each type of medication triggers a specific body response. For example, NSAIDs curb the production of prostaglandins, one of the critical ingredients that trigger a migraine headache. IV magnesium, on the one hand, helps reduce the frequency of the attacks.

If the drugs don’t work as they should, you should talk to your doctor or ER team to make necessary adjustments.


Do Migraine Cocktails Work for Silent Migraine?

Did you know that patients complain about different types of migraine episodes? Some patients don’t experience headaches but have aura symptoms, nausea, confusion, and vomiting. Doctors refer to this case as silent migraines or acephalgic migraines. 

They’re painless compared to a regular migraine attack, but they can cause discomfort and disorientation. Silent migraine episodes can also increase the risk of injuries, mainly when they occur while working or walking in the streets. 

Notably, most patients who receive migraine cocktails complain about chronic migraine headaches. So, does that mean people with silent migraines can’t use the same approach? Your doctor will likely recommend a different combination of drugs to help you cope with your symptoms. 

Unlike in patients with regular migraine headaches, you won’t need to take NSAIDs or pain relievers. Instead, your doctor might recommend anti-nausea drugs or refer you to a therapist to work on your sensory sensitivities. You might also get a referral to an upper cervical chiropractor to help you work on the likely cause of your symptoms.


Upper Cervical Chiropractic: An Alternative Choice for Natural Migraine Relief

Indeed, migraine cocktails can provide immense relief from debilitating symptoms. That’s why many patients ask their doctors to prescribe them varying medications. Some of the brands or types of medicine provide immediate and lasting effects that can help migraineurs cope for several hours. However, sometimes, they fail to work their magic, leaving some patients desperate to look for another approach.   

Does this ring a bell? If you have the same problem and want to explore something different, we suggest trying upper cervical chiropractic care. Thousands of patients with migraines in the USA have found hope and healing with this unique chiropractic technique. 

It involves checking the neck for misalignment and restoring everything to the bones to their proper places. It works well for various cases, even those with silent migraine episodes because it aims to restore balance in your body. Here are the benefits that upper cervical care provides:

  • With your neck alignment corrected, you can ensure smooth and uninterrupted nervous system signal transmission. This helps heal the body and avoid miscommunication that often leads to nerve damage and other problems. 
  • It ensures proper fluid drainage in the head to avoid inflammation that might cause your bones and tissues to impinge on your nerves and brainstem.  

It’s never too late to seek a holistic and natural way to heal the body. Feel free to consult with an upper cervical doctor in your city to begin your journey to recovering from migraine episodes today!


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