Migraine Care—Vital for Reducing Other Health Risks

Managing other health risks through Migraine care 

recent study involving migraines has become the focus of a lot of attention in the medical community. When a person experiences migraines, a person is at a higher risk of having a stroke following surgery. This is true especially for those who experience migraines with aura. While the risk is still rather low (about 0.6%), that’s about double the risk for a patient without migraines.

Adding Migraines to Other Risk Factors

Doctors are so concerned as migraines can become a bigger issue when combined with other risk factors. For example, surgery becomes more dangerous the older a patient is. So if a patient is older, experiences this neurological disorder, and potentially has other factors that increase risk, the chance of surgical complications increases.

Getting Help for the Underlying Problem—Migraines

One of the best things a patient can do is try to find the underlying cause of migraines and eliminate it. However, medical professionals have differing opinions on how migraines are caused.  Since many migraines begin following head or neck trauma, it makes sense to look at the upper cervical spine.

An upper cervical chiropractor specializes in caring for this part of the spine. Practices include diagnostic imaging to find precise misalignment and low force corrections to provide gentle and safe relief. As a result, many of the complications of an upper cervical subluxation can be relieved. For example, an atlas misalignment may result in pressure on the brainstem or restricted blood and cerebrospinal fluid flow to and from the brain.

If you are experiencing migraines, especially if they began following a head or neck injury or if they are accompanied by neck pain, contact an upper cervical chiropractor near you to learn more about this natural way to find relief.

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