Meniere's Disease Case Studies Supporting Upper Cervical Care

Meniere’s disease, natural remedies for vertigo

Meniere’s disease is a rare condition that impacts the inner ear. It can cause debilitating symptoms like tinnitus, fluctuating hearing loss, and vertigo episodes. Because medications to manage Meniere’s symptoms, such as vertigo, work temporarily, it has become more essential to find longer-lasting ways to experience relief.

Some studies specifically look into upper cervical care, one of the leading natural remedies for vertigo. These studies try to understand and prove the effectiveness of the approach. If you have been suffering from vertigo, and other symptoms of Meniere’s for quite a while, knowing more about these pieces of evidence could convince you to give it a try as well.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss two examples of case studies that focus on investigating the connection between upper cervical chiropractic and Meniere’s vertigo attacks.

Case Studies on Meniere’s and Upper Cervical Adjustment 

The true cause of Meniere’s disease remains a mystery in the medical field. While doctors have long established that the condition stems from the abnormal buildup of fluid in the inner ear canal, the main reason why such an event happens is still quite unclear. Some hypothesize that it stems from an ear infection. On one hand, others point to a spinal misalignment that impedes the normal drainage of fluid from the head.

Based on these theories, researchers try to uncover how things work and how going to an upper cervical chiropractor can significantly change one’s prognosis.  

Evidence #1: A Case Study on 139 Patients

In 2010 a case study involving 139 patients clinically diagnosed with Meniere’s received upper cervical care adjustments. All 139 individuals had a neck or head injury before they start having their symptoms. Here are the takeaway of the research:

  • Their spinal x-ray assessment showed a misalignment in their C1 and C2 bones – the uppermost cervical bones that support the head and protect the brainstem. Upper cervical care practitioners conducted the examination and determined the level of misalignment of the bones. 
  • Besides the x-ray examination, the chiropractors assessed the symptoms of each patient using a questionnaire. The results showed that vertigo was the worst symptom of the patients' experience. 
  • Using the assessment findings, the upper cervical chiropractors came up with customized approaches for each patient. These ensured that each person got proper care and adjustments. It also helped the chiropractors restore the normal function of the C1 and C2 bones. 
  • After six weeks of receiving upper cervical chiropractic adjustments, the patients reported less intense vertigo attacks. From the original 8.5 rating prior to the procedure, they rated their symptom 3.0.  Then, after a 1-year and 2-year follow-up, the score dropped to 2.2 and 1.4, respectively. They also reported massive improvements in other Meniere’s disease symptoms, including nausea and vomiting. 
  • Interestingly, many of these patients have reported significant changes in their condition right after their first session. Thanks to the procedure, these patients shortly returned to doing their task
  • Out of 139 participants, 136 reported massive improvements in their condition. Most of them got to enjoy living a comfortable life again.   

Meniere’s disease, natural remedies for vertigo

Evidence #2: A Six-Year Case Study on 300 Meniere’s Patients 

Another evidence that proves the strong potential in addressing Meniere symptoms with upper cervical care surfaced in 2016. This study surveyed the outcome of getting an upper cervical adjustment in 300 patients. The survey lasted for six years, documenting how well the adjustments can hold even after a long period. Below are the essential findings in this study:

  • Every patient had a previous injury to the neck or head.
  • The examination revealed that a large fraction of the women also have a neck bone misalignment. 
  • After completing the adjustments, 291 of the patients reported massive changes in their overall health. They no longer experienced the symptoms as bad as before they received upper cervical care.  The rest claimed that they experience lesser intense and frequent vertigo episodes after the procedure. This massive change in their lives has helped them regain what they lost because of their incapacitating symptoms. 

Upper Cervical Care – One of the Most Promising Natural Remedies for Vertigo

The two case studies above are among the accumulating evidence that proves upper cervical chiropractic's potential in relieving vertigo and other symptoms of Meniere’s disease. If you take a closer look at the two sample case studies, you’ll notice that they share two similar things, which are:

  1. A history of neck or head trauma – Neck injury such as whiplash could heavily impact the neck bones' alignment. When they slip out of place, even by the tiniest degree, it could result in brainstem irritation and poor fluid drainage inside the ears. 
  2. C1 and C2 subluxation – The study participants got diagnosed with a misalignment spine and subluxation of the upper cervical bones. The unique and specialized features of the C1 and C2 bones make them quite vulnerable to subluxation. Sometimes, even blunt force can affect their alignment significantly. 

Your neck structure and Meniere’s disease are more connected than you could ever think. If other natural remedies for vertigo have failed to provide you with results, you can check out upper cervical chiropractic. It’s an evidence-based approach to relieving the symptoms of various health problems, including Meniere’s disease. Rest assured, the process is gentle and precise. You also get customized care for your misaligned neck bones thanks to the in-depth assessment of your chosen upper cervical chiropractor. 

Want to find a resolution to your Meniere’s disease symptoms? Would you like to know more about upper cervical care and how it serves as one of the best natural remedies for vertigo? Contact a local upper cervical doctor today!

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