At Last! A Meniere’s Disease Natural Treatment That Works

Meniere’s Disease Natural Treatment

Meniere's disease is a problematic condition that affects the inner ears. What makes this disease bothersome is that it influences more than one of the senses. Thankfully, patients have one less thing to worry about as there are various relief options available.

If you prefer a Meniere's disease natural treatment, read until the end and we will introduce you to a lesser-known but promising method that works for many Meniere’s patients. 


The Inner Ear

If you thought that this condition affects the visible part of your ears, then you are mistaken. The inner ears are deep inside our earlobes. The labyrinth of canals, bones, cartilages, and discs are responsible for two essential functions:

  • Hearing

The inner ears process the sound waves that pass through the outer and middle ears. They become nerve signals that get sent to the brain.

  • Maintaining balance

The inner ears are part of a complex structure of fluid-filled canals carpeted with fine hairs. When a person moves, the fluid flows and strokes the hairs. These actions activate sensors that affect the eyes and various body parts. The brain then interprets these signals and issues appropriate responses intended to achieve or retain equilibrium.


Meniere's Disease: An Overview

The cause of this inner ear condition is quite simple – excessive fluid. When the gel-like substance does not drain properly and fully into the canals, fluid builds up in the ear. 

The fluids shift every time a person moves. When they do, the inner ears process the sound waves, which the brain often interprets as noise. Tinnitus begins when this happens. To an observer, tinnitus is non-existent. No one is ringing any bells or making weird noises. However, to someone with Meniere's disease, the rings and shrills in the ears are natural. As the build-up increases, the noise worsens. It can lead to a very discomforting experience.

With the increasing volume of fluids retained in the inner ears, a more incredible expanse of the fine hair carpet moves when the fluids flow. Whether the person moves or not, the same issue transpires. 

The repeated disturbance of the tiny hair strands triggers vertigo. The resulting feeling of being spun rapidly can completely throw the person off balance.



A person dealing with vertigo and tinnitus can quickly feel stressed out. Unless managed properly, headaches will start soon. Now this symptom is going to aggravate Meniere's disease. Since pain in the head causes tension and strain, the canals can become narrower, further affecting the drainage.

When not attended to immediately, this inner ear condition has the potential to become dangerous. Some people developed hearing issues, which led to hearing loss due to untreated Meniere's disease.

Aside from this, Meniere's disease can often stop people from completing their regular activities. The combination of vertigo, tinnitus and headaches can become overpowering.

Meniere’s Disease Natural Treatment

Relief Options for Meniere’s Patients

When it comes to Meniere’s disease, natural treatment options are available alongside pain medications and surgeries. Let us review the choices:

  • Lifestyle modifications

Try to get enough rest, especially when dealing with vertigo. By sleeping off the pain, the body does not deal with additional signals that are emotional. If you can also stop your vices, your chances of getting Meniere's disease might be lesser. Smoking can constrict pathways, which in this case can lead to a drainage issue.

  • Stress management

Unmanaged stress can aggravate the symptoms of Meniere's disease. It can heighten the effects of head discomforts as well as the sense of imbalance. There are ways to manage stress, from light exercises to therapy. Whichever you pursue, the critical part is to make sure that you do not overly worry about anything and everything.

  • Food choices

Opt for low-sodium meals to avoid running the risk of fluid retention due to increased sodium levels in your body. 

  • Prescription medication

Medical experts can prescribe pain medications to help you deal with the discomfort brought about by headaches. You can also get prescriptions for nausea that can help you cope with the effects of vertigo. Depending on how intense your Meniere's disease is, your healthcare professional may ask you to fill a prescription for diuretics, which can help with the fluid drainage issue.

  • Physical therapy

You can work with a therapist in completing exercises that target the vestibular system or the inner ears.  

  • Surgery

Although not many people pursue this option, it is available, especially when the rate of build-up is alarming.


Chiropractic Care: An Effective Meniere’s Disease Natural Treatment 

An option that not many people are aware of is working with an upper cervical chiropractor. Upper cervical chiropractic has the potential to be an effective Meniere’s disease natural treatment

Chiropractors who practice the technique are well-trained in making sure that the body is in symmetry. When everything is in place, the body's systems function at their best. Also, the brain receives correct messages, which it interprets correctly. However, a person's neck is prone to damage and injury, leading to a misalignment issue.

Cervical misalignments can affect the body's natural pathways, which the nerves use to carry messages to and from the brain. When neck bones slip, they can also apply pressure on everything that surrounds them. Since the body is a complex network, an issue in the neck can affect how other systems complete their functions.

Upper cervical chiropractors complete evaluations when it comes to neck alignment issues. They use the latest approaches in restoring alignment so the body can return to its normal functions. A possible outcome is the regulation of the fluid drainage in the inner ears' canals. When this happens, a person with Meniere’s disease may experience relief from pain.

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