Meniere’s Disease and Hearing Loss

Relationship between Meniere's Disease and Hearing Loss

Meniere’s disease is a rare vestibular condition that results in vertigo, tinnitus, a feeling of fullness in the affected ear, and hearing loss. Without proper care for the condition, hearing loss can advance and become permanent. Here are a few misconceptions regarding the hearing loss caused by Meniere’s disease.

Myth #1: Hearing Loss in Only One Ear Isn’t a Big Deal

The fact is that your brain will begin to adapt if you start to lose hearing in just one ear. However, hearing isn’t just an act of the ear. It also involves the brain. In fact, untreated hearing loss has connection to many serious neurological conditions including dementia. Hearing loss may also lead to social isolation and mood disorders. Thus, taking care of hearing loss is important.

Myth #2: I Can Just Get a Hearing Aid

Hearing aids can help a lot, even when just one ear is affected by hearing loss. However, unless the treatment of Meniere’s happens, hearing will continue to get worse progressively. Hearing aids are not a perfect substitution for natural hearing and will not slow the progress of the disease.

Myth #3: There’s Nothing I Can Do About Meniere’s

Not only are there some medications that can slow the advancement of Meniere’s disease, but there is also a natural way to get help. The symptoms of Meniere’s are the result of a Eustachian tube lesion. Recent research has revealed this lesion is caused gradually by an upper cervical misalignment. Thus, having the top bones of the spine realigned may allow the body to recover naturally.

Meniere’s Disease and Upper Cervical Alignment

Head or neck trauma can lead to an upper cervical misalignment, so if you experienced the onset of Meniere’s in the years following a car accident or another similar injury, the likelihood of this being the underlying issue is increased. Consult an upper cervical chiropractor near you to learn more about this gentle and specific method of chiropractic care.

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