Memory Issues and Other Problems Caused by Fibromyalgia

fibromyalgia chiropractic, Memory Issues

Thousands of patients who seek fibromyalgia chiropractic are no stranger to experiencing cognitive problems because of their condition. Notably, many people diagnosed with fibromyalgia struggle to remember things such as where they placed their apartment keys or what they want to say next to the person on the phone. 

If this rings a bell, our brief guide on the cognitive problems caused by fibromyalgia might come in handy for you. Hopefully, by understanding how the condition can affect the brain, you can navigate challenges better.


Memory Problems 

A study published by the Journal of Clinical Psychology found that fibromyalgia can affect three memory types: working, metamemory, and semantic memory. Here’s a closer look at them: 

Working memory

Your working memory allows you to restore information needed for things you need to work on. Some examples of these include steps to complete tasks, the number of your mother, and the products you need to grab at the grocery. 

Semantic memory

This type of memory helps you recall general information needed to process words, languages, instructions, or concepts. It can also include factual details like your lessons from your high school algebra class or the news from the previous week. 


This helps you become aware of feelings or experiences you draw from previously stored memories. Notably, fibromyalgia patients have difficulty accessing their metamemory, making it hard to make vital decisions and sound judgments. 

It’s not clear how the condition impacts memory formation and storage. But, it’s certain that the disorder and its effect on the brain can negatively impact a person’s life. Imagine having to struggle to remember simple things needed to complete daily tasks.

Difficulty Concentrating

Many fibromyalgia patients also have difficulty focusing on tasks and other things. Studies note that it can trigger symptoms similar to those with ADD or attention deficit disorder. This makes it hard for fibromyalgia patients to recall small details from events like going to a grocery store or finding a book in a library. 

Impaired Cognition

On top of the memory and concentration problems, studies also reveal that FM patients also have diminished or impaired cognition. This is why some people with FM can’t complete problem-solving tasks, articulate thoughts into words, or process even the simplest things. Sometimes, it takes a few minutes to clear their minds and understand what’s happening around them.

Difficulty Multi-Tasking

Because fibromyalgia impacts almost every aspect of cognition, patients diagnosed with it also struggle to multi-task. Some also can’t handle the extra workload because of the widespread pain, lethargy, and other symptoms caused by their condition.

fibromyalgia chiropractic, Memory Issues






Helpful Ways to Manage Fibro Fog and Other Cognitive Problems

The latest medical and healthcare breakthroughs have shed light on the different ways to cope or manage cognitive problems triggered by fibromyalgia. A few examples of these include: 

Follow a consistent sleeping pattern

This can help you address sleep deprivation that usually comes hand in hand with fibromyalgia pain. 

Use reminders or create a bullet journal

Experiment with notepads or sticky notes when writing reminders. You can also set phone alarms or start a bullet journal

Reduce your caffeine intake

Just because a few shots of caffeine works wonders for some people doesn’t mean you should indulge in it too. According to studies, it can affect your sleeping patterns and cause brain-fog symptoms like confusion and trouble remembering things. 

Mind your food and water intake

Proper nutrition and hydration are vital in maintaining healthy cognitive processes. We suggest trying a fibromyalgia-friendly diet and sticking to recommended water intake (8 glasses per day). 

Include exercise in your weekly routine

There are plenty of helpful practices that work wonders for patients with fibromyalgia. It would help if you considered doing these activities at least a few times a week to keep your body in good condition and to help you reduce the pain you experience. 

Schedule regular mental exercises to sharpen your mind

Nothing beats a good-old mental exercise in combating the effects of fibromyalgia. You can try all sorts of brain-stimulating activities, including solving crossword puzzles, crafting, painting, and coloring adult coloring books. 

Explore fibromyalgia chiropractic

Thousands of patients diagnosed with fibromyalgia tap into upper cervical chiropractic to cope better. This natural fibromyalgia remedy has been around for decades and offers patients the opportunity to activate the body’s ability to self-heal.


Fibromyalgia Chiropractic – Your Hope In Improving Your Overall Wellbeing

Fibromyalgia chiropractic offers a sustainable way to address fibro-fog, memory problems, and other symptoms triggered by fibromyalgia. It works by fixing spinal misalignments in the cervical region – specifically the C1 and C2 bones. 

Fibromyalgia chiropractic physicians use advanced imaging techniques to obtain precise measurements that will help them adjust a patient’s misaligned neck bones. On top of that, upper cervical doctors also use different methods to help ease the bones into the correct angle and position. For example, some provide adjustments manually, while others use a specialized adjustment tool.  

Once your neck bones go back to their respective places, you can resolve some of the common side effects of vertebral subluxations, such as: 

  • Poor cerebrospinal fluid drainage
  • Reduced flow of oxygen, nutrients, and blood to the central nervous system
  • Brainstem irritation and compression
  • Signal interferences in the nervous system
  • Nerve root compression 
  • Poor utilization of energy due to the constant misfiring of nerve signals

Notably, all these side effects can contribute to the onset of severe neurological conditions such as fibromyalgia. This means if you manage to negate these effects through upper cervical care, you can help your body heal naturally. 

Discover more about the benefits of fibromyalgia chiropractic by visiting a nearby practice! You can also schedule your first appointment so a neck chiropractor can look at your C1 and C2 bones.


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