How a Man with Right-sided Head Pain Found Relief Through NUCCA

NUCCA, Upper Cervical Care

Have you been experiencing chronic headaches? Have you had significant difficulties in fulfilling both important and mundane tasks in your daily life? Do your headaches often appear simple at first but eventually get in the way of many things like fulfilling plans with family, taking on your work responsibilities, and even navigating challenges in your relationships?

Adam, an Upper Cervical Care patient, once had bothersome headaches on the right side of his face, which he endured for about six months. During this time, the pain got in the way of his life, including work and school. It was unfortunate, which also made his family worry.

During his ordeal, he visited different doctors, did several brain scans, and heard countless people tell him nothing was wrong with him. He felt his situation was hopeless and relied heavily on medicine prescriptions to ease his symptoms.

Adam’s experience is not unique. Many patients spend a lot of time, energy, and money trying to find out what is wrong with them and would visit an Upper Cervical Care office as a last resort.

An online search led to NUCCA

Because of Adam’s and his family’s pursuit to help him, his dad asked other family members if they knew anyone going through the same experience. Eventually, they learned that his dad’s cousin had also gone through the same issue, and just like Adam’s experience, she had to allocate time, effort, and money, which had all gone to waste and failed attempts to get better.Because of this, she started searching and studying online and came across NUCCA. Through this search, she found an office and got into an upper cervical chiropractic care plan. His dad’s cousin’s experience and relentless research to get better led her to NUCCA care which she recommended to Adam. NUCCA, Upper Cervical Care

Upper Cervical Care patient successfully reclaimed his life

After getting the recommendation for NUCCA, Adam’s mother set up an appointment. From his first visit, the upper cervical chiropractor required him to visit twice weekly for the first three months. Despite the long drive to the chiropractor’s office, he shows up diligently to his appointments in high hopes of resolving his condition. After three months, his adjustments were much better, and he progressed to only visiting once a week for the next two months. After these adjustments, he only needed to visit once every two weeks.After six months of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care, Adam can confidently say he is 50 percent better, and his quality of life has improved. Finally, he is slowly easing into the usual routine that he had to give up because of relentless headaches.Through Upper Cervical Care, Adam can focus more on school and get back to work without worrying about the pain. In addition, by easing the headaches, he could continue his flight school and other things he couldn’t do when the pain was too much to bear. Eventually, he can live a much more normal life.So if you feel your problem has no resolution, don’t give up. Instead, reach out to an Upper Cervical Chiropractor and explain your concerns. It will also help if you can share any history of accidents or falls, no matter how long it’s been. Your chiropractor will appreciate this information as many cases are influenced by these injuries, no matter how minor. Check out Adam’s full testimonial video here.

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