Fibromyalgia Blood Test are now beig offered to more countries

Have you ever wondered why the process of diagnosing fibromyalgia is so painstaking? If you’ve longed for the day when a simple test could tell you if you had this condition or not with relative certainty, your wait may be nearly over. A company called EpicGenetics has developed a test that should be able to detect Fibromyalgia with 93% certainty according to research – a fairly high success rate for a condition with no previous lab test.

The US actually gave FDA approval to the FM/a blood test back in 2012, although it’s only more recently that certain insurance companies have started to cover the test. What is involved in the test? Where is it available? Is there any hope for relief from fibromyalgia? Read on to learn more.

Getting the FM/a Test for Fibromyalgia

There are a number of requirements to receive this blood test. First, you have to stop your prescription meds and any supplements because these may disguise the disease by altering the blood markers. Even medications that have nothing to do with Fibromyalgia such as anti-cancer drugs may affect the test. Other examples include SINGULAIR ® or even large amounts of the seasoning turmeric.

This means seeing your doctor to find out if you can stop your medications long enough to take the test. You may also want to get preauthorization for the test from your insurance company. A further requirement is to have your physician fill out an authorization form. EpicGenetics will want the standard information from you including your insurance info.

Countries that Offer the Fibromyalgia Blood Test

Canada is the latest nation to get on board, but you can also request this test in the US, Mexico, and throughout Central and South America, and the Caribbean. Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Turkey, the UK, and most EU nations also offer the test.

Finding Relief from Fibromyalgia

A blood test that provides a definitive diagnosis can bring peace of mind to sufferers who may face stigma from the little-understood condition at work or even at home. However, the diagnosis is only part of the battle. Upper cervical chiropractic may be able to help you find natural relief from symptoms. How?

When the atlas is misaligned, it can affect the central nervous system, leading to problems in pain processing. Many symptoms of fibromyalgia are related to atlas subluxation. Thus, a gentle correction has helped some to get fibromyalgia under control. To learn more, contact an upper cervical practitioner near you.  


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