The Link Between Fibromyalgia and Neck Conditions

Fibromyalgia Natural Treatment. Clinical Link between Neck Conditions and Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia Natural Treatment

Fibromyalgia can be a debilitating condition and many people are looking for natural fibromyalgia treatment options. It is more than just a chronic pain syndrome. The exhaustion, sleepless nights, depression, migraines, sensory sensitivities, cognitive impairments, eye problems and other symptoms can be very disabling.

For decades, researchers have been trying to discover the cause of fibromyalgia. However, to this day, no definitive cause has been determined for every person suffering with fibromyalgia. As a result, most medically focused fibromyalgia treatment is symptom-based rather than caring for the underlying problem. This is why many people seek complementary and alternative approaches that seek to address common underlying causes and improve health and vitality.

However, there has been some interesting research that may point toward a link between fibromyalgia and problems in the neck. Let’s take a closer look at this research, and then examine natural remedies for fibromyalgia focused on this underlying problem.

A Retrospective Fibromyalgia Study

According to researchers in Germany, there is a higher incidence of neck and jaw problems in patients with fibromyalgia. How was this link discovered? Is there a good reason for these conditions to be connected? How can you find relief from the chronic pain and other debilitating symptoms of fibromyalgia? These are the questions you need answers too. Let’s start with a brief look at the study.

The 555 patients in the study were all experiencing either neck problems, jaw issues, or both. Of the 555, 63% met the criteria for a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. In fact, 83% of the patients with fibromyalgia were experiencing facial asymmetry. What can cause these neck and jaw problems?

Why Neck and Jaw Problems Accompany Fibromyalgia

While the study didn’t comment on the reason for the link, researchers recommended a multidisciplinary approach to care that addresses neck and jaw problems. We’d like to introduce you to one such form of care called upper cervical care.

When the top bone of the neck (atlas) is out of alignment, even by a fraction of a millimeter, it can affect the surrounding structures such as the muscles and other soft tissue of the neck and face. As a result, many people with an atlas misalignment experience either neck pain, face pain, jaw problems, or other similar symptoms. In addition to these structural abnormalities, some cases studies have also connected this misalignment to fibromyalgia symptoms.

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Fibromyalgia and Upper Cervical

How a Neck Misalignment Can Lead to Chronic Symptoms

How exactly does an atlas misalignment lead to some of the symptoms of fibromyalgia and other conditions? It is all about the unique location and function of this top vertebra in the spine. Consider the following things that the atlas is responsible for:

  • Balancing the head – The head weighs 10-12 pounds. The top bone in the spine is called the atlas (C1) because it balances the head the way the mythical being Atlas was said to carry the world on his shoulders. The C1, however, has help. If something goes wrong, the rest of the vertebrae and the surrounding soft tissue will shift to correct the issue. The downside is that these changes can lead to further misalignments, irritated nerves, and other problems that can affect the way the central nervous system (CNS) communicates.
  • Facilitating blood flow – The cervical vertebrae have tiny loops of bone call vertebral foramen. These loops of bone offer safe passage to the arteries which bring oxygen-rich blood to the brain. If a misalignment slows down this process, the CNS can be inhibited.
  • Protecting the brainstem – The atlas surrounds and protects the vital area where the brainstem meets the spinal cord. Even the slightest misalignment can turn this protection into a detriment by placing pressure on the brainstem. Inhibited brainstem function can lead to problems with pain processing, sleep issues, migraines, cognitive difficulties, and many other fibromyalgia symptoms.

Clearly, it is worth looking into an atlas misalignment as the underlying source of fibromyalgia symptoms. So the question then becomes, where can you go to find someone who specializes in correcting problems with the upper cervical spine?

Upper Cervical and Fibromyalgia Research

The research on upper cervical chiropractic and fibromyalgia suggests that this specialized form of chiropractic care may offer significant improvements in pain, fatigue, and quality of life for fibromyalgia patients.

While more research is needed, some studies have shown promising results regarding the effectiveness of upper cervical chiropractic in managing fibromyalgia pain. Others have found that a combination of treatments is the key to improving how they feel and function.

Fibromyalgia natural treatment upper cervical specific chiropractic care.

Fibromyalgia Natural Treatment with Upper Cervical Care

If you suffer from chronic pain, sleepless nights, cognitive cloudiness, and the other symptoms of fibromyalgia, you may be searching for a natural way to get some relief. The link between neck and jaw problems and fibromyalgia helps to substantiate the connection to an atlas misalignment. Thus, it’s worth a try to at least have an evaluation by a specialist in this niche. Therefore, we are happy to introduce you to upper cervical chiropractic.

Upper cervical care is gentle and precise. It involves the use of diagnostic imaging that can measure atlas misalignments down to hundredths of a degree. As a result, adjustments can be tailored to meet each patient’s needs and are long-lasting, leading to less frequent visits over time. Therefore, upper cervical chiropractic can be a cost-effective form of care besides being safe and gentle. That is certainly important when you are dealing with a chronic health condition that often is accompanied by big medical bills and few results to show for them.

To learn more about what upper cervical chiropractic care may be able to do for you, get in touch with a practice in your area. The search feature on this website can help you to locate our preferred upper cervical specialist doctors. A no-obligation consultation may be your first step down the path to better overall health and well-being. So if you are weighed down under the burden of fibromyalgia, this may be the way to get your life back under control.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fibromyalgia Natural Treatment and Alternative Treatments Fibromyalgia

1. What is fibromyalgia, and how can natural treatments help? Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition marked by widespread pain, fatigue, and other symptoms. Natural treatments, including dietary changes, exercise, stress management, and upper cervical chiropractic care, aim to alleviate symptoms by addressing underlying imbalances without relying on medication.

2. Can upper cervical chiropractic care be an effective fibromyalgia natural treatment? Yes, upper cervical chiropractic care, which focuses on correcting misalignments in the neck area, is considered an effective natural treatment for fibromyalgia. It aims to reduce pain and improve nervous system function by realigning the spine, thus potentially easing fibromyalgia symptoms.

3. What makes upper cervical chiropractic a safe choice for fibromyalgia natural treatment? Upper cervical chiropractic is deemed a safe fibromyalgia natural treatment due to its gentle, precise adjustment techniques. These adjustments target specific areas without forceful manipulation, making it a suitable option for individuals with fibromyalgia's sensitivity to pain.

4. How long before I see improvements in my fibromyalgia symptoms with natural treatment through upper cervical chiropractic care? The timeframe for noticing improvements in fibromyalgia symptoms with natural treatment through upper cervical chiropractic varies. Some patients may experience relief in a few weeks, while others may need a longer period to notice significant changes.

5. Are there any studies supporting upper cervical chiropractic care as a fibromyalgia natural treatment? While research on upper cervical chiropractic care as a fibromyalgia natural treatment is still evolving, several case studies and preliminary research indicate positive outcomes for symptom management. Further studies are needed to fully establish its efficacy.

6. What should I expect during my first visit to an upper cervical chiropractor for fibromyalgia natural treatment? Your first visit for fibromyalgia natural treatment at an upper cervical chiropractor will include a detailed health history, a physical examination, and possibly diagnostic imaging. This comprehensive assessment helps in crafting a personalized treatment plan.

7. How do I find a reputable upper cervical chiropractor for fibromyalgia natural treatment? To find a reputable upper cervical chiropractor specializing in fibromyalgia natural treatment, use the directory to find upper cervical chiropractic near me.

8. Besides chiropractic care, what other natural treatments can support fibromyalgia management? In addition to chiropractic care, incorporating a holistic approach with regular exercise, stress reduction techniques, a healthy diet, and adequate sleep can support fibromyalgia management. Other complementary therapies, such as acupuncture and massage, may also offer natural symptom relief.

Would you like to hear from someone else who has found fibromyalgia natural treatment? Watch the following video to hear a case study as told by the patient…

Fibromyalgia and Upper Cervical

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