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While the cause of migraines isn’t fully understood, what triggers a migraine is often the focus of research. After all, the main natural method for migraine relief that is recommended by primary care physicians is keeping a migraine journal to learn your triggers and avoiding them as possible. Besides the weather conditions, there’s another migraine trigger that’s equally difficult to evade – stripes.

Researchers have learned that striped patterns, both moving and in still photographs, have the ability to trigger migraines and even seizures. From the shadows cast by Venetian blinds to a woman wearing a striped dress, everything may set off the next attack. Don’t worry about a trip to the zoo, though. Apparently, because the stripes on a zebra have an irregular pattern, they don’t have the same effect.

Since you can’t control what people wear, stripes make for a very difficult trigger to elude. Is there a better way to get natural relief from migraines than evading a striped pattern?

Natural Migraine Relief – No Journal Required

You may still want to keep your migraine journal and learn your triggers. However, an even better solution is to fix the underlying problem that is causing the neurological condition. While the cause of migraines remains a mystery, many researchers have noted problems with brainstem function or proper blood flow to the brain. Both of these conditions may relate to a misalignment of the atlas vertebra. At the base of the skull sits the atlas. When it gets misaligned, it can inhibit brainstem function as well as the vertebral arteries that bring blood to the brain.

Once the correction of the misalignment happens, many patients can benefit from less frequent or severe episodes. Some may even see a complete resolution of their problem. To learn more, contact an upper cervical chiropractor near you to schedule a consultation.

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