Lower Back Pain: Just How Common Is It? Learn Through This Blog

How low back pain becomes common to almost everyone

If you suffer from lower back pain, not only are you not alone, you’re in the majority! About 80% of people will experience a bout of lower back pain at some point in life. However, many deal with the condition chronically. In fact, it is the most common cause of disability in the world.

A study was conducted several years back in North Carolina that revealed lower back pain to be an increasing problem. Researchers discovered that in a 14-year period, the prevalence of back pain that proved to be impairing and chronic rose from just 3.9% to a shocking 10.2%. Race, gender, and age were non-factors as the increase was seen in all demographics. Also, the study revealed that in the previous year the number of people who sought help for back pain increased from 73.1% to 84.0%.

Two things that researchers also noted in contention with lower back pain were that people frequently miss work due to chronic pain and that the cost of care for it is rising. These factors are both concerning. If you suffer from lower back pain, is there an affordable way to find relief and get back to work?

Natural Help for Lower Back Pain Sufferers

Did you know that lower backache often has its genesis in the upper neck? This is because the top bones of the spine balance the 10 to 12-pound head. If they are out of alignment, the rest of the spine has to shift to compensate. This includes the soft tissue that helps to support the spine. Therefore, the spine begins to breakdown, and the end result can be chronic pain.

Correcting the underlying problem is the first step in recovery. An upper cervical chiropractor can determine if you have a misalignment of the atlas or axis (C1,C2). If so, a gentle and long-lasting adjustment can give your body the time it needs to heal. For many, this has meant a significant reduction in back pain or even complete resolution.


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