Is TMJ Temporary Or Permanent?

TMJ Temporary Or Permanent

Are you one of the roughly 10 million people in the United States who suffer from a TMJ disorder? Have you ever woken up to a morning where even a simple act like opening your mouth feels like a Herculean task? Does chewing, yawning, or even smiling bring you pain and discomfort? Do you feel sad that you cannot enjoy your favorite food? Does it bother you that you cannot speak with your friends or loved ones as much as you want without feeling uncomfortable?

Will your pain ever go away? Will it come and go like an uninvited houseguest, or will it have the audacity to settle in for the long haul? Do you ask yourself, "Is TMJ temporary or permanent?" Keep reading to know more.

How long do you have to suffer

The duration of TMJ disorder can vary from person to person. Different factors can influence your condition, including the underlying causes, individual health, and proper care. These can all influence the length of time you'll have to endure your TMJ symptoms. But you don't have to worry too much because the pain and discomfort associated with most TMJ disorders are temporary and can be relieved with proper care.

Finding out the underlying cause of your TMJ pain brings you one step closer to relief. Knowing the cause leads you to proper care, and you can now do more efficient methods to ease your symptoms. While there is no definitive timeline for recovery, seeking appropriate care and consulting with a healthcare professional familiar with TMJ disorders can help you address your specific needs. They can help alleviate your discomfort, potentially reduce the duration of suffering and eventually work your way toward finding lasting relief and improving your quality of life.

The link between your upper cervical spine and TMJ

One potential factor contributing to the duration of TMJ lies in the intricate connection between your upper cervical spine and the jaw joints. Accidents, injuries, or even poor posture can disrupt the alignment of the upper cervical spine, which can influence your TMJ symptoms. 

The close relationship between the jaw and the neck often leads to the transmission of pain and discomfort between these areas. When the topmost bones of your spine are misaligned, it can disrupt muscle tension, posture, and jaw movement, resulting in pronounced discomfort. 

Furthermore, these bones, the atlas and axis, protect a vital central nervous system component, your brainstem. When the upper cervical spine is not properly aligned, it can contribute to the development or exacerbation of TMJ problems. Recognizing this and addressing the misalignment in the upper cervical spine can effectively help manage your TMJ symptoms.

Managing TMJ symptoms through Upper Cervical Care

When the bones in your neck area are out of whack, it can throw off the balance of your muscles and posture, causing all sorts of jaw-related issues. Correcting them is necessary; otherwise, they only get worse by the day. This is when your pain potentially becomes permanent unless you get them corrected. 

But by seeking help from an Upper Cervical Chiropractor, you can end your pain by restoring your bones' proper balance and alignment. They focus on gently realigning the bones in your upper neck, relieving the pressure and stress on the surrounding area, and providing a pathway for your body's natural healing capability. 
Finding the right solution that matches your needs can help you end your TMJ issues. Getting Upper Cervical Care can be a game-changer in finding relief from the discomfort that plagues your jaw. If you're unsure where to find one, refer to this directory of Upper Cervical Chiropractors who can help you with TMJ issues linked to your upper cervical spine. With proper care, you won't have to endure TMJ symptoms anymore.

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