Got Injured and Now Suffering from Neck Pain? Read This

neck pain, got-injured-and-now-suffering-from-neck-pain-read-this

Injuries can happen either gradually or abruptly. Sometimes unwanted injuries happen because of accidents. However, some injuries occur due to repeated trauma. Abusing your body by overexerting physical activities or neglecting your needs can deteriorate your spine’s health fast or trigger symptoms of a severe health condition. Some may require medical intervention such as surgery, but some can be managed naturally, such as Upper Cervical Care.


How Injury Triggers Neck Pain

An injury that affects your head or neck can lead to torn ligaments and strained muscles that may trigger bouts of neck pain and general discomfort around the area. To avoid complications later, seek proper immediate care if you get into an accident.

If you have injured your head or neck, torn ligaments and strained muscles might cause discomfort around these areas. Make sure to take your prescription medication and complete your therapy for a speedy recovery.

Neck pain is also sometimes related to an injury sustained earlier yet manifested after some time from the initial injury.


Other Factors That Cause Neck Pain


Not many people think poor posture can affect your general health. Unfortunately, it does, and many Upper Cervical Care patients have learned that posture significantly contributes to your spine's overall health. Sometimes your stance in general triggers the pain in the long run. Your sitting, standing, and lifting positions also matter because improper posture can aggravate your neck pain. Here's a piece of valuable information worth knowing: for every inch of your head leaning forward, you add about ten pounds of pressure to your slender neck. Can you imagine the resulting pain this additional weight can cause? 

Sitting for long hours

Desk workers, for example, are required to sit in the same spot for long hours daily, contributing to strain on the neck. This is because your neck usually extends downwards when staring at a computer or writing on a desk. Continuous stress on your neck will eventually manifest through neck pain and other forms.

Doctors who provide Upper Cervical Care have seen cases wherein stress on the muscles or joints in the neck is caused by fatigue or poor posture.

Muscle overload

Some upper back and neck muscles tend to work beyond what they should to keep your head upright and forward and counterbalance gravity, making your muscles more prone to spasms and strains.

Hunched upper back

Usually, your shoulders move forward with your head when it's in forwarding posture making your upper back round up. When your back is kept in an unnatural position, you feel pain in the back, shoulders, and even the neck area.

neck pain, got-injured-and-now-suffering-from-neck-pain-read-this






Stress on the upper cervical spine

Your upper cervical spine usually supports your head's increased weight when it extends forward due to poor posture. When you stay in this position longer, your upper cervical spine endures increased pressure and stress over time which can trigger neck pain and other health concerns such as misalignment. Once your upper cervical spine shifts from its normal alignment, you may experience worse symptoms beyond neck pain.

Cervical osteoarthritis

Many people utter the phrase age but a number. Sure it is, but it's also a reminder that we are not young and fit forever and that our body, including our neck bones, will show signs of aging. If you notice that you experience more stiffness and less flexibility in your neck, you might be dealing with cervical osteoarthritis. This condition changes your neck bones, joints, and discs which are affected by your body's wear and tear as you age. Usually, your cervical spine's discs gradually break down, become stiffer, and lose fluid.


Choose Upper Cervical Chiropractic and Feel the Results

Upper Cervical Chiropractic is a natural and unique way to deal with neck pain. This non-invasive care can help manage your discomfort and provide lasting relief. If you are unfamiliar with the procedure, here's what usually happens. On your initial visit to an Upper Cervical Chiropractic Doctor, the focus is consultation for them to know your history and understand your concern. There will also be physical and imaging tests to help your Chiropractic Doctor determine if your upper cervical spine is misaligned due to injury or trauma. They will examine your neck closely, where the upper cervical region of your spine is located. 

Should there be a misalignment in your C1 and C2 vertebrae, your Chiropractic Doctor will recommend a series of adjustments to correct the alignment and let your body heal naturally slowly. One adjustment session will not be enough to bring the spine back to proper alignment, but many patients usually experience relief immediately.

Neck adjustments are necessary to help restore your spine's healthy alignment for your body to communicate and function smoothly without any interference. Every session to move your spine will be gentle, generally safe, and guaranteed painless.


Find a Reputable Upper Cervical Care Doctor for Neck Pain 

Finding a licensed Upper Cervical Chiropractic doctor may be challenging if you don't know where to look. So we made it easier for you by consolidating a list of reputable Upper Cervical Chiropractic doctors from different parts of the USA and Canada. You can find one near you by narrowing your search and putting your location. Chiropractic doctors may also practice other techniques such as NUCCA, Upper Cervical Care, Blair, Epic, Knee Chest, or Orthospinology. All these techniques focus on correcting your upper cervical spine misalignment to eliminate neck pain and other symptoms for lasting relief.

Visit our doctor's directory to book your appointment today and find the root cause of your pain. Be pain-free and comfortable again!


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