Injection Free Relief for Meniere’s Disease

Meniere's Disease treatment without injectioniere’s , Meniere’s Disease

For several years now, aggressive Meniere’s disease treatment has involved antibiotic shots in the ear. Recently, researchers have been touting a new injection involving corticosteroid injections into the ear that produce similar results with fewer side effects.

Of course, it still involves getting an injection in one’s ear. It’s also just a temporary fix, so that means more than just one injection into the ear. It means a lifetime of shots when the effects of the previous one wear off. Most people still want a better option.

Vertigo—A Primary Symptom of Meniere’s Disease

One of the most debilitating parts of Meniere’s is the vertigo that results in a person feeling like everything is spinning. This may occur for hours at a time. Severe bouts can lead to a drop attack—this means a person was standing when vertigo struck but falls as a result of how severe the spinning sensation gets.

Because of this, most treatment methods focus on relieving vertigo rather than trying to discover the underlying cause of Meniere’s. While much of the research over the years has pointed toward problems with fluid in the ear, the reason this fluid builds up has also not been addressed.

Why Upper Cervical Chiropractic Helps Meniere’s Patients

Case studies have shown that the majority of Meniere’s patients respond well to upper cervical chiropractic. Vertigo severity is particularly helped. Why does the alignment of the atlas (top vertebra) affect vertigo?

When the atlas is out of alignment, it can affect Eustachian tube function. This can lead to problems with the fluid level in the ear. The atlas is also in close proximity to the brainstem. That means even a slight misalignment may affect brainstem function, which can also lead to the symptoms of Meniere’s.

Because of this, many find that upper cervical chiropractic produces results even within the first few weeks of care. To learn more, contact a practice near you and schedule a consultation.

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