How Vertigo Affected Professional Wrestler Kenny Omega

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Are you an active athlete or perhaps a weekend warrior with a history of neck and head injuries? Have you noticed worse vertigo episodes and accompanying symptoms since your accidents? Do you frequently seek healthcare professionals like a chiropractor for vertigo, a therapist, or an ENT specialist to lend you a hand?

Unknown to many, physical trauma from sports is among the key triggers of vertigo. The sheer force from a ball, baseball bat, or an opponent's head during a heated match can cause significant damage to the connective tissues of the neck, leading to imbalances that affect several body systems.

Take, for example, Kenny Omega, the Canadian-born wrestler who made a name for himself by winning the IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship twice. Recent reports about the famed wrestler revealed intimate details on his struggles in dealing with persistent vertigo episodes.


Numerous Traumatic Injuries Led to Worse Problems for Kenny Omega

Kenny shared in an interview how he started suffering from vertigo episodes during his 2017 match against his long-time rival Kazuchika Okada. The dropkick from his competitor landed on the side of his head, and while that did not faze him, it caused significant balance problems that lingered until 2021. While fans and avid watchers of wrestling matches did not notice any changes to his performance, Kenny shared that his struggles with vertigo worsened in 2018, causing him to adjust his techniques to avoid falling or slipping. In 2022, he was forced to sit out and wait until he recovered from his additional injuries and severe vertigo episodes. To cope, he tried training in a spinning ring so he could finally get a better grasp of his condition.  

Injuries, No Matter How Long Ago They Happened, Can Haunt Your Present 

Kenny Omega’s experience with vertigo episodes is a blatant reminder of the importance of paying heed to previous neck and head injuries. The force from traumatic events during a sports competition can readily damage the connective tissues holding your topmost neck bones in place. And unfortunately, this can quickly lead to issues like:

  • Disrupted communication between your brain, brainstem, spinal cord, and vestibular organs
  • Impaired balance and sense of proprioception (ability to sense movements)
  • Poor fluid drainage in the ears which can impact your organs of balance)
  • Gait changes that could heighten risks for falls or slips
  • Unlevelled hips, shoulders, and legs that can affect your overall mobility

On top of these issues, neck bone misalignments can trigger a plethora of health concerns ranging from chronic headaches, unexplainable fatigue, and increased pain and pressure sensitivity.So, if you do have a history of traumatic injuries to the head and neck, you should consider getting your neck bones assessed by a chiropractor for vertigo.chiropractor for vertigo

Are you an Athlete with Traumatic Injuries from the Past? Call a Chiropractor for Vertigo

Recurring vertigo episodes accompanied by other signs of cervical subluxation warrant a visit to an Upper Cervical Chiropractic doctor. Unknown to you, the episodes that prevent you from keeping your balance and maximizing your potential as an athlete might be caused by slight changes to your atlas and axis bone alignment. A quick consultation will help you confirm just that and determine how you must move forward so you can ease your neck bones back into their original and neutral alignment. Call an Upper Cervical Chiropractor in your city to begin the necessary steps to fix your posture and address recurring vertigo and other health concerns.


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