How Can Low Back Pain Affect Emotions?

back pain, upper cervical chiropractic near me

Is low back pain making it harder and harder for you to work or attend to chores? Do you feel frustrated by how your symptom is slowly taking control of every aspect of your life? Do you think it’s better to just stay at home and wait until your low back pain diminishes in intensity?

It’s never easy to deal with chronic conditions like low back pain or sciatica. It can test your patience and alter your emotions. It can be because you can not enjoy the activities you love as much. After all, your mind is preoccupied with the stress due to pain. One of the most common physical pain people experience is back pain, and it's been linked to depression too.

Can you imagine dealing with chronic back pain? It can be life-changing because you can no longer do things like you used to, you become more conscious now, or at times, you miss important social events because the pain takes over. 

You may be one of those who type in their search bar questions about back pain often: "what is causing my back pain," "how do I deal with my back pain?", "Will my back pain ever go away?" "How can an upper cervical chiropractic near me help?" the list goes on. Let's focus on how back pain affects you emotionally and what you can do to ease your pain.

Back pain and your emotions 

People with chronic back pain may experience higher stress levels and even exhibit signs of depression. Some studies explore the connection of back pain to emotions. For example, a study in China found that patients with chronic back pain have a high chance of experiencing depressive symptoms. Some predictors of depressive symptoms include duration of pain, severity, family function, and pain self-efficacy or a person's confidence in their ability to function effectively while in pain.Patients who search for "upper cervical chiropractic near me" also report signs of emotional stress when seeking care. Your pain can lead to stress. If you live with pain daily, it can trigger a lot of stress in your life and potentially lead to mental health issues.Living with chronic pain, such as low back pain, can make you doubt if you can do some of the activities you love and want to do. For example, if you love sports, you may have trouble enjoying and giving it your all because of your pain concerns after—or even simple tasks such as bending, climbing stairs, or carrying groceries. This can be especially true if you don't understand where your pain is coming from and when you find that your efforts to manage your pain are ineffective. In addition, your life being taken over by pain can take a toll on your emotions and may trigger feelings of anger, anxiety, frustration, or depression. If you experience chronic pain along with emotional stress, talk with your trusted healthcare provider.

back pain, upper cervical chiropractic near me

Identifying the cause of your low back pain

If low back pain has been taking over your life, identifying the leading cause may be the next thing you need to know. Some people who looked for "upper cervical chiropractic near me" online were completely unaware that an upper cervical misalignment was the reason for their suffering all this time. Unfortunately, it may be the case for you too!

Upper cervical misalignments have been found to influence lower back pain due to their effect on nerve signals traveling from the brainstem into the body through the spine. If a misalignment occurs in this area, it can cause pressure on nerves that travel through the spine leading to an array of symptoms, including lower back pain. It can also make the rest of your spine compensate; hence the entire alignment and balance are disrupted.

Upper cervical chiropractic adjustments are designed to correct misalignments in this area so that nerve signals can travel freely throughout the body without interference. It’s a good idea to check if upper cervical care is a worth-it condition to explore, especially if you meet the following criteria:

  • You suffered from physical abuse 
  • You had a traumatic head or neck injury after riding a rollercoaster, bump car or other types of amusement ride
  • Your gait has changed significantly (reduced cadence or stride length)
  • Your shoulders and legs feel unbalanced
  • Low back pain remedies fail to help you improve your condition
  • You don’t want to depend too much on pain medications

The answer to "where to find upper cervical chiropractic near me"

If this is the burning question on your mind now, worry not, as we've got you covered! This directory of upper cervical chiropractors contains board-certified and experienced upper cervical chiropractic doctors who have handled numerous low back pain issues and delivered promising results. If your pain has been lingering for some time now, you might get the answer you need by getting your spine alignment checked. Low back pain is not only physically disabling but also takes an emotional toll by increasing stress levels and causing depression or anxiety. Try upper cervical chiropractic care today!

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