Is it Hip Pain or Back Pain? Let’s Locate the Pain

Hip Pain, Advil for back pain

Shooting pain in the lower part of your body can be a little hard to trace. It’s because the pain can either be coming from the hips or the lower back. Either way, you can take Advil for back pain and hip pain relief. But if you want to correct and fix the problem, your physician must identify where the pain is coming from.

This blog will trace the root of your painthe hip or back?


How to Tell If You Have a Hip Pain

Identifying the cause of your lower body pain is vital to finding the right treatment. One of the most common locations of pain in your lower body is your hip. Hip problems can cause pain and mobility issues, but when it is caught much earlier, you can preserve your quality of life.

Your hip joint is responsible for letting your legs move. With it, you can walk, run, and bend your legs freely and flexibly. Hip pain can root from the hip joint itself and radiate to the groin. In addition, when the pain is coming from your hips, you may feel a sharp pain on the outer part of your buttocks.

Early Hip Pain Symptoms

Some of the common hip pain symptoms can cause physical and emotional distress. So, knowing what early signs and symptoms to look for can help you receive the appropriate remedy you need in getting back on your feet.

Below are signs of a hip problem:

Groin and hip pain

Groin and hip pain are among the early signs that you have a hip issue brewing. The pain usually radiates from your hips down to the groin and knee. Exercising, sitting for long hours, and walking can trigger the pain. Unfortunately, they can lead to loss of hip motion.

When you feel pain in these areas, you may feel tremendous soreness and discomfort when doing certain activities. Firstly, you might experience some problems when exercising or simply walking. Secondly, your sleep pattern can be affected by the soreness in your hip and groin when you do natural sleep movements at night. If the pain starts to prevent you from enjoying your most loved activities, immediately see a specialist for examination and proper treatment.

Tenderness and swelling

Swelling and tenderness of the hip are also early signs of a hip problem. These symptoms can also cause pain and discomfort to anyone who suffers from it. When not treated, tenderness and swelling of the hip can cause disability. So, when the swelling becomes unbearable and remains for days, be sure to visit the doctor’s office immediately.


A hip problem mainly results in muscle stiffness around the hip area. You can feel this symptom when you bend down to put on your socks or shoes. Also, with stiff hip muscles, you may find some difficulty picking up an object from the floor.

Hip Pain, Advil for back pain






How to Tell if You Have a Back Pain

Back pain is so common that many patients often ignore or downplay the symptoms. They also mistake it for hip pain, which has identical symptoms as lower back pain. Taking Advil for back pain sometimes isn’t enough. In severe cases, tracing the root of back pain is the best way to achieve complete recovery.

 Here are the common signs that you have lower back pain:

Radiating pain

The pain radiates from your lower back down to your buttocks or legs. The pain can be sharp rather than dull. The pain can also worsen after prolonged standing or sitting. Worse, it can cause serious difficulty when standing up, walking, or running. This lower back pain symptom may indicate that you have a pinched or compressed nerve in the lower back. Furthermore, this symptom may tell that you have a torn ligament in the lower back.


When dealing with low back pain, you may experience numbness or pins and needles sensation in your glutes or groin area. This symptom can be a sign of a spinal problem or serious nerve complication. This lower back pain symptom is also called paresthesia.

Muscle spasms

When you have muscle spasms, you may feel pulling, twitching, or tightening muscles in your lower back. This is an involuntary movement of the lower back muscles. It can be mild, but it can also be too painful. Dehydration, overexercising, and stress are the most common causes of muscle spasms.


Hip Pain vs. Low Back Pain Summary

To summarize the information above, here’s how to tell if you have hip or back pain.

  • If the pain radiates from the hip and groin area and spreads down to your thigh and knee, then your hip is most likely the source of the pain.
  • If the pain radiates from your low back, buttocks, hips, and hamstring, you are most likely dealing with a lower back or spinal problem.

Again, taking medication such as Advil for back pain and hip pain can be effective. However, getting a kind of care that addresses the root of the issue is better.

You may need upper cervical chiropractic care to correct the underlying cause of lower back pain, such as nerve and spinal issues. Your upper cervical spine is responsible for the balance of your head and neck. A misalignment in this topmost region of your spine can irritate your spinal nerves, leading to lower back pain issues. So, correcting upper cervical misalignment is the best way to prevent low back pain from recurring. After addressing this problem, you may experience long-term relief and complete recovery.


Upper Cervical Chiropractic – More Than the Effects of Advil for Back Pain

Advil for back pain is good, but for severe back pain issues, you need a kind of care that fixes your problem and support your spine’s overall health. These are the benefits that you can experience from getting upper cervical chiropractic care.

If you want to learn more about how upper cervical chiropractors relieve back pain by adjusting your upper neck, visit the nearest upper cervical chiropractor in your area. We look forward to providing you with the care your need toward a pain-free and comfortable life.


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