Hiking-Related Neck Pain: Secret Relief Tips Revealed

hiking, upper cervical care

Hiking can be a pain in the neck - literally! However, this fun activity helps you stay active and boosts your happy hormones. You also get to see incredible sights up close. However, it does not come without possible physical repercussions such as neck pain. Many patients currently getting upper cervical care and love hiking brought up concerns of chronic neck pain that eventually became bothersome.

Possible Causes Of Neck Pain When Hiking

Downward gaze 

Sightseeing is part of anyone's hiking adventure, but while you love the views, a big chunk of your hiking hours is spent looking down at the trail. This is crucial in ensuring your every step is safe and avoiding obstacles along the way. However, keeping a downward gaze far too long can strain your neck and be tiring.

Poorly adjusted pack

Hiking requires bringing a pack of essentials to get you through the activity with enough supplies for hydration and nutrition. However, if your hiking pack isn't properly adjusted, it can put on uneven weight and pull on your shoulders and neck. Therefore, ensuring that your hiking pack is arranged correctly and secured while it sits on top of your hip bones is essential for a pain-free hike.

The straps and buckles of your pack are there for a reason. Find out how to keep your pack balanced and well-proportioned before your hiking day to ensure you know how to carry it properly. Keep the backpack closer to your body and not lean away from you. This will relieve the weight and tension of your neck and shoulders. Distribute the load more directly to your hips.

Upper Cervical Misalignment

Some patients go on hikes without knowing they already have a misalignment in their upper cervical spine. Sometimes the hike aggravates the condition even more due to the first two reasons we listed above. You will need a proper diagnosis from an upper cervical chiropractor to confirm a misalignment in your upper cervical spine.

Injuries or physical trauma, repetitive stress, and natural wear and tear of the body can all trigger a misalignment in your upper cervical spine. Sometimes incorrect posture or strain from carrying a heavy pack can lead to upper cervical spine misalignment. When these vertebrae become misaligned, they pressure nearby nerves and muscles, leading to intense neck pain and discomfort. The most recommended way to resolve this for neck-pain-free days is correcting the misalignments through upper cervical care

hiking, upper cervical care

How Upper Cervical Care Can Help 

If you're experiencing chronic neck pain, even if you're no longer hiking, one of the best things you can do is visit an upper cervical chiropractor. A misalignment in the spine is not to be taken lightly. Apart from hindering you from enjoying the things you love due to physical manifestations, it can interfere with proper blood flow to and from the brain. Upper cervical chiropractors use gentle bone adjustments to slowly realign your vertebrae in the upper cervical spine and restore balance throughout the body. These adjustments lead to lasting relief from neck pain so you can enjoy your activities, such as hiking.

Upper cervical care can help reduce nerve irritation and relieve muscle tension in the upper back and shoulders, which is essential if you want to go on a pain-free hike. Additionally, regular upper cervical chiropractic adjustments ensure that your spine is properly aligned to function optimally when exploring nature.Consult an upper cervical chiropractor near you to ensure your spine's alignment and balance are what they should be. Doing the things you love while staying pain-free can help bring more fun and meaning to your adventures. Visit an upper cervical chiropractor today!

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