Frida Kahlo and Her Art Portraying Pain and Possibly, Fibromyalgia

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Have you been feeling blue because your fibromyalgia symptoms prevent you from going out on dinners? Are you afraid that you’re alone in this endeavor and that no one will ever understand the horrible symptoms you go through?

It's not every day you find people coming out of the woodwork and sharing tales of pain and misery due to debilitating conditions or experiences. Most individuals with chronic illnesses or injuries suffer in silence because they fear that no one will even bother to listen to their stories or sympathize with them. But then, there are a few brave ones like Frida Kahlo, who channeled their talent to spread awareness of their condition and to help fellow sufferers find solace and comfort. 

As someone venturing into remedies like Upper Cervical Care, you might find it inspiring to learn about Frida Kahlo, her art, and, quite possibly, her experience with fibromyalgia.


Doctors and Art Historians Believe Kahlo Had Fibromyalgia

Frida Kahlo is among the most prominent female artists in the world. She has gained international acclamation for her intense and emotive pieces like the Broken Column, Henry Ford Hospital, The Two Fridas, and Without Hope. Her self-portraits painted her bitter experience as a woman who suffered from post-traumatic symptoms after her near-death tram accident. A steel bar impaled her pelvis, causing multiple fractures to her spine and limbs. She had to undergo several surgical procedures to correct her posture and alleviate the pain she experienced. Sadly, health problems kept piling up through the years. She experienced miscarriages and a plethora of unexplainable symptoms like persistent body pain, tenderness in specific points, sleeping problems, and chronic fatigue. Doctors couldn't diagnose Frida back then, but today's medical professionals and art historians strongly agree that she might have had fibromyalgia. 

Fibromyalgia: A Common Post-Traumatic Health Concern

Researchers are convinced that Frida is among the many people who had undiagnosed fibromyalgia in the early 20th century. Her notes in her diary pointing to 11 tender points on her body are consistent with the previously used protocol in diagnosing fibromyalgia. The clinical history of the well-loved Mexican artist also revealed that she received several treatments but found no relief for her chronic symptoms. Her doctors initially diagnosed her with tuberculosis and syphilis but retracted their findings and went back to the drawing board.Researchers also argue she developed fibromyalgia due to the traumatic injury to her spine. Notably, many patients seeking Upper Cervical Care for fibromyalgia relief sustained mild to severe neck or head injuries in the past. Blunt force trauma or overextension of the neck during an accident causes connective tissue damage that can force the topmost neck bones to misalign and thwart the body's intrinsic ability to heal and self-regulate conditions. The misaligned neck bones cause the rest of the spine to twist away from their normal position, causing other tissues like cerebral blood vessels and nerve roots to malfunction. This, unfortunately, increases the risks for health problems like fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. fibromyalgia, Upper Cervical Care

All Hope is Not Lost: Upper Cervical Care Can Help!

Notably, many people can suffer from spinal misalignments due to traumatic injuries. Some don't know they have posture problems until they seek an Upper Cervical Chiropractor. Suppose you got diagnosed with fibromyalgia and have yet to find a suitable option for relief or have a history of whiplash, concussion, or other injuries. In that case, we strongly suggest booking a quick consultation with an Upper Cervical doctor. Chances are you likely need to receive gentle neck bone adjustments to help restore your body's homeostasis. Schedule your first consultation with a cervical chiropractor near you to better understand your atlas and axis bones and how they affect your body's overall health and wellness. While it's true that having fibromyalgia can be extra challenging, you shouldn't lose hope in finding an effective source of relief. Find the nearest Cervical Chiropractic practice near you using our comprehensive directory so you can finally set yourself free from the grasp of fibromyalgia.


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