Helping Seniors to Address Back Pain Issues

How to address back pain for seniors and elderly

Australian and Danish researchers recently revealed the results of a study showing that life expectancy decreased significantly for seniors who experience back pain. This makes it important to find ways to effectively provide care for seniors who are coping with this condition. If you are over the age of 60 and battling chronic backache, is there any way to find natural relief?

The Importance of Staying Active While Combating Backache

The insidious thing about backache is that it often causes a person to become sedentary, which only serves to make matters worse. In fact, a recent study that was published by the International Association for the Study of Pain revealed that staying active actually helps to keep pain from becoming chronic. How?

The research revealed that when older adults are physically active, they perceive pain stimuli at a lower level and experience an increased ability to block pain responses. In other words, painful events don’t hurt as bad and are easier to cope with.

So while achiness may restrict physical activity, it is important to do something each day to keep the body moving so as to keep pain levels at a minimum. Of course, this doesn’t relieve the source of the pain. It just makes it easier to deal with. Is there anything else you can do for backache?

Back Pain and Upper Cervical Alignment

When the top two bones of the neck are out of alignment, the rest of the spine experiences changes. These can affect nerves and soft tissue. Where the greatest changes take place is where degeneration and pain will occur. This is most often in the lower back. As a result, correcting the misalignment at the top of the neck can be the first step allowing the spine to get out of a stressed position, thereby reducing or relieving pain completely. To learn more, contact an upper cervical practitioner near you.


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