Helping Others to Understand What It’s Like to Live with Migraines

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If you suffer from migraines on a regular basis, one of the toughest things for you may be trying to convince others, even those close to you, of what it is like and what you need. Whether you are trying to get time off from work to deal with the issue or trying to make your friends understand why you turn down many of the invites you receive, having to be your own advocate can be one of the most frustrating things about getting migraines.

Tips for Migraine Advocacy

There are times when it may just be best to avoid speaking up. At other times, your voice needs to be heard. Here are a few ways to do so without facing ridicule.

  • Be an Advocate for Others – Speaking on behalf of others who suffer from migraines helps them in their struggle, and it may surprise you to find that others will speak up for you. Plus, you learn the art of speaking about your health condition, so have the ability to speak up for yourself better.
  • Be Flexible – Rather than simply telling others what you need, offer solutions. If your boss feels you take off too much time from work, offer to work later or come in earlier on the days you feel good. If your friends don’t like how often you have to cancel plans, let them know you can be spontaneous on the days you feel good.
  • Gather Support – Align yourself with others who suffer from migraines. Keep friends and family who try to be understanding close. Have someone close to you speak up for you if it seems like the person you are talking with is disregarding your voice.

How to Get Help

Of course, it’s even better to be able to get relief from migraines than to just be able to explain your situation to others. For many, this has been achieved with upper cervical chiropractic care. Imagine being able to explain to your boss or your friends that finally found something that helps reduce the frequency and severity of your attacks. Some have even become completely migraine-free after maintaining proper atlas alignment. Find an upper cervical chiropractor near you to learn more.

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