Finding relief in Fibromyalgia in men

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at a fibromyalgia demographic that doesn’t get a lot of attention – men. The fact is that 80-90% of people diagnosed with fibromyalgia are female. However, while the stigma of fibromyalgia affects anyone who has it, sometimes the experience may be even more difficult for men.

In many societies, masculinity is synonymous with toughness. A man who can’t do as much because of constant pain may be viewed as weak, especially if it affects his ability to earn a decent living. Because of this, some men may suffer in silence, afraid to even get a diagnosis or talk about the pain with anyone.

Federal Help if Fibromyalgia Is Affecting Your Work

One thing that is in place for those suffering from chronic ailments is the Family and Medical Leave Act. This may allow some employees to take up to 12 weeks of leave. It is unpaid, but your job and health benefits will be protected. As a result, you can get some of the rest and help you need without losing your job or medical care.

Of course, you also need to find ways to control the condition so that you can still work the rest of the year. Here is one natural way that some have found help.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic and Fibromyalgia

In recent years, more and more fibromyalgia research is focusing on neurological and vascular causes. Many of the factors that come into play may be related to misalignments of the atlas (C1 vertebra). When even slightly out of place, this bone can put pressure on the brainstem and restrict blood flow to certain parts of the brain. Symptoms can include increased pain levels, migraines or headaches, dizziness, and many other things that have been associated with fibromyalgia.

To learn more about this precise and gentle form of chiropractic, contact a practice in your area. You may be a consultation away from getting on the road to better overall health.

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