What Can Help with Central Vertigo?

Relief from Central Vertigo

Central vertigo is differentiated from peripheral vertigo (the more common form of the condition) by having its genesis in the central nervous system rather than in the ear. While this means that some of these types of vertigo are the most dangerous underlying causes, there are also some that have a very specific underlying issue that can be reversed.

What Are Some Causes of Central Vertigo?

In particular, central vertigo springs from either a problem in the cerebellum (the bottom part of the brain) or the brainstem (the section that attaches to the spinal cord at the base of the skull). That particular location is significant to our discussion, but first, let’s look at 5 causes of central vertigo.

  • Migraines – This can be a tricky one to diagnose because not all migraines that have vertigo as a symptom have a headache as a symptom. When a migraine does not include a headache, it is referred to as silent migraine. However, either form of a migraine is a neurological condition and can thus a cause of central vertigo.
  • MS – Multiple sclerosis is a degenerative condition that attacks the central nervous system. It is a common symptom, especially as the disease progresses.
  • Brain Tumor – This is the most serious vertigo cause. If there is a tumor in the cerebellum, false sense of movement is likely to occur.
  • Medication Side Effects – Some medications have side effects that affect the brain. In such cases, spinning sensation may be the result of taking the medication.
  • Acoustic Neuroma – This is a very rare condition. It is a benign tumor that forms on the acoustic nerve. Since this nerve is vital to balance and hearing, vertigo can result.

Help for Sufferers

When the brainstem is the underlying problem, the real issue may be a C1 misalignment. This is because the C1 vertebra (atlas) protects the brainstem. Even a very slight misalignment could, in turn, put pressure on the brainstem and affect the balance of the body. Correcting the misalignment often provides relief from vertigo in such cases.

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