A Good Reason for Getting Help with Common Headaches

When do you need to get a medical help for common headache?


Many who suffer from chronic headaches simply decide to tough them out and occasionally take some over-the-counter medication as needed. However, a recent study performed at the University of Cincinnati provides a good reason to search out the underlying cause of a headache condition and seek the proper care.

Headache Study Finds Link with Increased Thyroid Condition Risk

The study considered data from more than 8,400 patients who were part of a medical monitoring program. The results indicated that patients with headache conditions were 21% more likely to suffer from hypothyroidism as someone who doesn’t experience headaches. There is a 41% increase in risk among those who had migraines.

The researchers indicated that patients with an increased risk for thyroid problems were generally those who suffered from frequent headaches rather occasional ones. It was postulated that the stress caused by chronic headaches could be a major factor in developing other conditions. Genetic and environmental factors were also cited.

Finding Help for Headaches Without Medication

Of course, a higher risk for other health conditions doesn’t mean a person is necessarily going to want to turn to headache medication. These medications often have side effects, one of which can be more headaches if taken too frequently. Plus, medication only covers up the symptoms, so the underlying headache condition still exists.

Upper cervical chiropractic care, on the other head, addresses a common issue for headache and migraine sufferers. Many find they have an upper cervical subluxation, often caused by some type of head or neck trauma. Correction of any misalignment in this area can result in a reduction of headache frequency and severity. Some even see a complete end to the condition. This is a more ideal method of care for a condition that creates a higher risk of further health problems.

If you suffer from headaches or migraines and have ever experienced head or neck trauma like whiplash or a concussion, be sure to locate an upper cervical chiropractor near you.

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