Glasses for Motion Sickness: Do They Work?

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Recurring vertigo episodes can be so frustrating that they’d push you to try even the most uncommon ways to cope. For example, you likely have considered shopping for glasses for motion sickness to experience even the slightest vertigo relief.

Do they work? What do you need to know before grabbing a pair of motion sickness glasses? In our discussion below, we have discussed everything related to this quite intriguing treatment. We hope you take advantage of the key insights we gathered in planning how to manage your vertigo episodes better.


Motion Sickness Glasses: Are They Helpful for Vertigo Sufferers?

Clinical studies found that 25 to 60 percent of cruise ship passengers experience mild to severe motion sickness, dizziness, and vertigo episodes. Additionally, about one-third of people travelling through other modes of transportation experience the same health problems. Now, thankfully pharmaceutical companies have introduced a variety of options to treat dizziness or vertigo sensations, and one of them are motion sickness glasses. Allegedly, this specialized pair of glasses can “cure” 95 percent of dizzying sensations. This is how they work according to some of the popular manufacturers of such products:

  • Unlike regular specs, these feature four circular rings (two are in front while the other pair are placed on the side). 
  • Each rim contains a blue fluid designed to simulate an artificial horizon or gyro to help the brain detect balance and movement signals more efficiently.
  • According to the instructions provided by manufacturers, people who experience dizziness or vertigo triggered by sudden or constant motion must wear the specialized specs for up to 10 minutes. 

Case studies and other types of published research papers have yet to examine the efficacy of motion sickness. So, it’s too early to tell if it can or cannot help relieve vertigo. It would be best to try it and see if your symptoms improve. Alternatively, you can explore other options for vertigo relief, including canalith repositioning maneuvers, Upper Cervical Care, dietary changes, and stress management. 

Alternative Vertigo Remedies If You’re Not Keen on Using Motion Sickness Specs

Sometimes, things don’t go as planned when you try a vertigo remedy. But fortunately, you can continuously tap into other options until you find one that works for you. To help you find a suitable choice you can explore, we have rounded up a few remedies for spinning sensations below:

Stress management

Dealing with strenuous events that stem from vertigo attacks can affect your emotional and psychological well-being, and unfortunately, these can aggravate your symptoms. You will eventually get stuck in a terrible loop of stress, anxiety, and vertigo attacks. So, you might find it helpful to explore stress management techniques like massage therapy, yoga, and exercise. 

Canalith repositioning maneuvers

Techniques like the Epley and Semont Maneuvers can help reposition displaced otolith or calcium crystal fragments in your inner ears. They work wonders for people with benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, especially when done correctly and regularly. 

Dietary modifications

Vertigo episodes often indicate underlying health issues like Meniere’s, and notably, most of these conditions worsen when a diagnosed individual gets exposed to common triggers like increased salt and sugar intake. Your episodes might also worsen if you fail to drink enough water or consume excessive amounts of caffeinated beverages. On top of that, other food products can also contribute to your recurring bouts of spinning sensations. With this in mind, we strongly recommend making necessary adjustments to your diet choices. 

Upper Cervical Chiropractic

Countless people who experience mild to severe vertigo turn to Upper Cervical Care to experience massive improvements in their condition. It’s a gentle technique in chiropractic care that focuses on the atlas and axis alignment.motion sickness, vertigo relief

Vertigo Relief with Upper Cervical Care: A Promising Way to Cope Better

Are you having trouble dealing with vertigo attacks, and have you exhausted every possible relief option? If yes, you might find it helpful to explore our source of vertigo relief: Upper Cervical Chiropractic. We strongly recommend scheduling an appointment with a local upper cervical doctor so you can determine if you have an atlas subluxation and if you might benefit from an atlas bone adjustment.


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