Ginger for Migraines: Is it Worth Trying?

ginger for migraines, chiropractor for migraines

When you do a quick search on “effective migraine remedies,” you will most likely come up with usual suggestions such as visiting a chiropractor for migraines or taking pain relievers. But, then, you might also come across people sharing quirky health hacks like using ginger for migraines. So now you begin to wonder, does it work? How can ginger relieve a migraine episode? Let’s weigh in on this matter below! 


Ginger For Migraines: Can it Help with the Symptoms?

Ginger is a widely-studied natural medicine ingredient. Since time immemorial, civilizations use ginger to resolve various ailments, including colic, cough, and digestive disorders. It contains highly potent ingredients that can combat oxidative stress and reduce inflammation. Today, several studies on migraine relief identify it as a powerful ingredient that patients use to alleviate their symptoms. 

One of these studies was featured in the Food Revolution Summit, an annual event that gathers food and nutrition professionals worldwide. The study compared the efficacy of powdered ginger against Imitrex, a well-known drug used to managed migraines.  Here are some quick facts and stats from the research paper:

  • 100 participants joined the study to compare Imitrex with ginger
  • The study used 1/8 teaspoon of ginger powder and a standard dose of Imitrex for each patient
  • Both remedies worked fast in relieving migraine symptoms
  • Ginger had fewer adverse side effects, providing better relief to the patients
  • Ginger is 3000 times cheaper compared to Imitrex

The promising results and observations of the study indicate that using ginger for migraines can indeed help patients. It’s a natural and holistic way to recover from chronic episodes, and you can easily combine it with other methods like working with a chiropractor for migraines.

Hence, if you frequently have to deal with headaches, aura, nausea, vomiting, or other migraine symptoms, then you might find it helpful to include ginger in your everyday meals or drinks.


How to Include Ginger in Your Diet

Because ginger is such a versatile food product, you can include it in just about anything. For example, you can add it to soups, tea, or even desserts. To use it for migraine relief, though, we recommend doing the following:

  • Combine 1/8 teaspoon of ginger powder in a glass of water
  • Drink the mixture and wait for at least 30 minutes to see its effects

ginger for migraines, chiropractor for migraines

If you can’t source powdered ginger, you can go for fresh ginger root. Here’s how you can make a delicious and calming ginger tea:

  • Peel and slice a 2-inch ginger root
  • In a boiling pan, add the sliced ginger to 4 cups of water
  • Let it boil for about 10 minutes or longer, depending on your preferred taste
  • Once done, strain and add a bit of honey and lemon
  • If you have leftover tea, you can store them in the freezer using an ice cube tray

Just a word of caution, some people tend to be sensitive to ginger. If you’re among them, then we recommend consulting with your primary healthcare provider to check for alternatives or determine the best way you can consume ginger. This way, you can avoid complications and other problems.


Other Natural Options for Migraine Relief

Besides ginger, plenty of other natural ingredients show great potential in helping migraineurs experience lesser discomfort. A few examples of these include:

  • Essential oils – Aromatherapy also makes an excellent migraine remedy to use if you aren’t keen on taking pain relievers. It primarily focuses on relaxing the nerves and your brain, which can help reduce the severity of an episode. 
  • Coconut water – Coconut water offers a refreshing sensation during a hot summer day and provides relief for migraine patients. That's because it contains high amounts of magnesium, a nutrient that helps combat the effects of migraines. 
  • Feverfew – According to a 2015 study, feverfew may be an effective ingredient used in preventing migraine attacks. However, more studies need to establish its exact mechanism and assess the best dosage to help patients get rid of their symptoms. 


Chiropractor For Migraines: Your Partner In Experiencing Relief

Indeed, ginger for migraines shows a promising potential, especially for mild cases. So you can certainly add this to your choice of remedies whenever you experience an episode. Alternatively, you can start working on the root cause of migraines–a misaligned neck. 

Case studies explain that cervical spine misalignment–a common effect of a neck or head trauma–can trigger the onset of migraines. If you had a previous neck injury, we recommend getting your neck bone alignment checked. 

Your C1 and C2 or the topmost neckbones might have shifted by a couple of centimeters. Unfortunately, they might be pressing on your brainstem and stimulating the onset of various migraine symptoms.

Thankfully, this is where a  chiropractor for migraines comes into the picture. An upper cervical doctor can help you fix the misalignment and restore your spine to its original curvature. Upper cervical chiropractic is among the most excellent relief options for migraines. It shows promising results, even for chronic cases.  And the best part is it provides lasting relief for years!

Once a doctor completes the assessment of the subluxation issue, you can start receiving slow and precise adjustments. Then, over time, your bones finally go back to their neutral position, providing long-term relief from your migraine symptoms. 

If you want to understand how you can benefit from upper cervical care, you can contact a nearby neck chiropractor clinic. This way, you can schedule your appointment as soon as possible.


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