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Migraines affect 38 million men, women, and children in the US each year. That is approximately 12% of the nation. In other words, about one in every four households in the US has a member who suffers from migraines. Of course, since migraines tend to run in families, most migraines sufferers will have a family history of the condition. There are also about three times as many females dealing with migraines as males. But migraines cause more problems than just the symptoms produced by this debilitating condition.

How Much of a Financial Drain Are Migraines?

When added together, the cost of lost work productivity and healthcare in connection with migraines in the US is $36 billion each year. About $13 billion is lost by employers as workers miss approximately 113 million work days annually due to this condition. If a family has just one member suffering from migraines, the family will pay out approximately 70% more in healthcare each year as opposed to the average household. Brain scans alone make up $1 billion of the cost of migraines every year. Is there a cost effective solution to this expensive problem?

Cost-Effective Migraine Care

Most medical treatment is geared toward symptomatic relief. For example, a pain pill will only help a patient when a migraine is already causing pain, and even then the results are limited. As a result, medication gets taken over and over with no end in sight to the migraines. However, practical care is available.

Upper cervical chiropractic care helps migraine patients by relieving many of the common underlying causes of migraines. For example, an upper cervical misalignment can cause pressure on the brainstem, an interruption of proper cerebrospinal fluid drainage, or a restriction of the proper blood flow to the brain. All of these conditions can lead to migraines.

Correcting the underlying problem can often relieve migraines and headaches, and reduce the frequency and severity of the episodes. If you suffer from migraines, especially if you have ever experienced a head or neck injury, upper cervical chiropractic may bring the relief you have been searching for. And since adjustments are gentle and long-lasting, the result is a cost-effective means of controlling the pain of migraines.

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