How to Get Things Done When You Constantly Have Migraines

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Pulsating headaches, nausea, dizziness, upset stomach, and sensory sensitivity can quickly get in the way of day-to-day life when you’re a migraineur. That’s why it pays to have a practical and reasonable action plan that can help you combat migraines and avoid feeling defeated all the time. Read on to discover how you can get things done even when you have recurring migraines and how Upper Cervical Care can help you reduce your headache days.   

#1. Manage your expectations

It’s difficult to function smoothly when you constantly experience debilitating symptoms. So, at the beginning of your day, it’s good practice to set your expectations immediately. Consider what you can accomplish, given the severity of your migraine symptoms. As much as possible, we suggest putting too much on your plate. This will help you manage your disappointments and frustrations. 

#2. Get to know your condition better

Migraine episodes are rarely the same. There may be times when you experience worse symptoms than usual. You might also have headache days that aren’t as bad. So, we strongly recommend keeping track of your symptoms and other essential facts about your episodes. These may include the following:

  • The interval between days when you have and don’t have headaches
  • The specific triggers that lead to the worse migraines 
  • Your energy levels each time you have a migraine episode
  • The intensity of your symptoms per episode

#3. Have an overview of the tasks you must accomplish each day

Think about everything you can accomplish within a given timeframe. Also, be sure to take into consideration exposure to specific triggers like excessive heat and cold. This will allow you to delegate and prioritize tasks. It will also help you see if you must consider canceling or rescheduling your activities.  

#4. Seek helpful remedies for your migraine attacks

Migraines can most certainly come and go. So it pays to have go-to remedies to help lessen the pain and discomfort you experience. Below is a quick list of the usual things that patients with frequent migraines use to cope: 


Essential oils or aromatherapy inhalers are an excellent remedy for migraines. They readily fit in a small bag, making them the perfect companion, especially if you are always on the road.  

Hot and cold therapy 

Relaxing the nerves and blood vessels with heat and cold might come in handy in curbing the symptoms of a migraine episode. Hence, we recommend exploring this simple option when you suddenly experience pulsating head pain, sensory sensitivity, and other migraine symptoms. Place a warm or cold compress on the nape or your temples for fifteen minutes until you observe improvements. 


This source of migraine relief has gained significant traction thanks to its effectiveness and holistic approach to managing the symptoms. Essentially, massage therapy helps by calming the nerves and improving blood flow. It also helps release endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine – brain chemicals that help fight anxiety and curb migraine episodes. 

Upper Cervical Care 

Posture problems compromise several structures associated with the onset of migraine symptoms. These include the brainstem and trigeminal nerve. Thankfully, you can potentially remove the pressure on these structures with the help of Upper Cervical Care.migraine, Upper Cervical Care

Work with an Upper Cervical Care Doctor Today!

Even with frequent migraines, it’s still quite possible to function smoothly. Hopefully, our quick guide provided you with additional insights on how to take on your symptoms and carry out your day-to-day tasks. In case you need extra help, we suggest contacting an Upper Cervical Care practice near you. This way, you can get diagnosed and receive chiropractic adjustments from a board-certified migraine chiropractor. The sooner you can resolve your posture problem from previous accidents or incidents that may have compromised your cervical spine, the better your shot will be at enjoying more migraine-free days.

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