George Ezra Cancels Gig After Vertigo Diagnosis

April 23, 2023
george ezra, Can chiropractors help with vertigo?

Do you have moments when you stand still, but the world around you seems to spin out of control? Have you ever felt so dizzy that you couldn't even walk in a straight line? Do you try so hard to perform even the most basic tasks, like getting dressed or making a cup of coffee, because you often feel like the ground beneath you is constantly shifting? This is the reality for millions of individuals who suffer from vertigo attacks, including George Ezra, a British singer-songwriter best known for his hits like "Budapest" and "Did You Hear the Rain?"

Last March, he tweeted that he had to cancel his concert at the O2. The statement noted that he was unwell and got diagnosed with acute vertigo. While there aren't a lot of updates on his current condition, many sympathize with the young man. 

But, what exactly is acute vertigo? What are the best options for relief? Can chiropractors help with vertigo? Let's tackle these questions one by one.


George Ezra and His Vertigo Diagnosis Proves You're Not Alone

George Ezra's experience with vertigo highlights the challenges that people with vertigo face, not only in their daily lives but also in their careers and passions. Like George, you might have canceled plans to be with loved ones. You frequently make compromises to avoid triggering an attack.

So, how exactly does vertigo work? Truth be told, it's quite a challenging symptom or condition to describe. That's because it can stem from all kinds of health problems. These include:

  • Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo
  • Meniere's disease
  • Neck bone misalignments
  • Acoustic neuroma
  • Inner ear infections


What Are The Best Options For Vertigo Relief? 

Tackling recurring balance problems can require a lot of trial and error. That's because it's not a condition but rather a symptom. The bottom line is that you must get to the root cause of your health problem to prevent your vertigo episodes from ruining your daily routine. 

If you suffer from vertigo, don't hesitate to seek a healthcare professional for a detailed diagnosis. This way, you can plan how to move forward and avoid worse problems, especially if your spinning sensations stem from issues like neck bone misalignments. 

Some of the usual things that patients pursue to cope with their vertigo episodes include the following:

  • Take medications to resolve inner ear infections
  • Try exploring Canalith Repositioning techniques to ease displaced inner ear crystals back to their proper place 
  • Check for tumor growths and seek the help of your physician or ENT doctor
  • Speak to your physician to learn how to manage your Meniere's disease symptoms
  • Seek an Upper Cervical Chiropractor and have your neck bone misalignments corrected
george ezra, Can chiropractors help with vertigo?

Can Chiropractors Help with Vertigo?

With the right vertigo management plan and support, it is possible to overcome the challenges of living with vertigo and enjoy a fulfilling life. If other remedies don't work for you, we strongly suggest exploring Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care. It's a promising technique that works quite well for people suffering from vertigo and has a history of neck or head injuries. 

This means if you've had a car accident, sports-related trauma to the head or neck, or other forms of injuries, you should consider seeking an Upper Cervical Chiropractor. This way, you can have your atlas and axis bones checked using advanced imaging scans and in-depth assessments. So, what are you waiting for? Schedule your appointment with a vertigo chiropractor in your city to start working on your posture and restoring balance in your life.


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