Fibromyalgia Pain Scale Chart: Describe Your Pain

fibromyalgia pain scale chart, fibromyalgia chiropractic

Fibromyalgia (FM) is a syndrome that causes severe body aches, fatigue, and mental health challenges. Among all its symptoms, pain is the most known and disabling one. In order to attain fibromyalgia relief, a patient must receive proper care and treatment. However, this would not be possible without an accurate fibromyalgia diagnosis. 

Diagnosing fibromyalgia can be a little challenging for doctors. There is no existing imaging and laboratory test for it. Doctors diagnose fibromyalgia by asking a patient to rate or describe her symptoms through a pain scale chart.

To better understand the fibromyalgia pain scale chart and learn about the fibromyalgia chiropractic technique that can solve your pain, be sure to read this blog until the end.


The Fibromyalgia Pain Scale Chart in a Nutshell

If you experience fibromyalgia symptoms and suspect yourself having the condition, you need to take the fibromyalgia pain scale chart seriously. Pain is subjective, therefore, hard to put into words. The pain scale chart should help you describe your pain level in detail to your doctor and loved ones.

But, before you can use it effectively, you must familiarize yourself with how it works. There are many types of pain scales out there. Healthcare professionals often use a numerical scale to measure patients’ fibromyalgia pain. We will discuss a simple interpretation of the fibromyalgia pain scale chart to help you rate your level of pain. Once you are already familiar with it, you can rate your pain much more accurately.

Mild Fibromyalgia Pain 

This level of pain can cause a little bit of discomfort. However, mild FM pain does not significantly affect your everyday life. Here is how you can rate mild fibromyalgia pain.

1 – In level 1, pain is barely noticeable. If you do not pay attention to it, you will not even notice it. 

2 – In level 2, pain can be noticeable. You may feel episodes of sharp pain even when you do not pay attention to your body.

3 – In level 3, pain can be a little bothering. But over time, your body can adjust and adapt to it. 

Moderate Fibromyalgia  Pain

This level of pain can be more disturbing. A moderate FM pain can significantly affect your life and may interfere even with your most basic tasks. The pain can easily trigger fatigue and cause loss of concentration. Let us understand each level of moderate fibromyalgia pain.

4 – A level 4 FM pain can moderately distract you from doing any kind of activity. However, you can still ignore it for a certain period.

5 – A level 5 FM pain can be moderately intense. You can disregard it for a while but not for long. It may take a lot of effort to manage the pain and work on some activities.

6 – A level 6 FM pain can hurt your everyday life. It may strongly interfere with your day-to-day tasks as it can take a toll on your concentration ability. This level of pain is quite challenging to ignore. 

fibromyalgia pain scale chart, fibromyalgia chiropractic

Severe Fibromyalgia Pain

FM pain can be considered severe when it starts to impair you from living a normal life. It can mess up your ability to perform the most basic daily tasks and leave you bedridden for days. Let us understand each level of severe fibro pain.

7 – A level 7 fibromyalgia pain can consume all your senses. It also comes with symptoms of fatigue and mental challenges. With this level of pain, you will feel easily burdened even when doing minor tasks. 

8 – A level 8 FM pain can limit your ability to perform physical activities. For example, walking out of your room can require you a massive amount of effort.

9 – A level 9 fibromyalgia pain can be severely excruciating. With this pain level, you will have difficulty getting up from the bed, talking, and even opening your mouth to speak. Most of the time, people who experience this level of pain find themselves crying out for help. Fibromyalgia chiropractic care can be the most helpful aid for this level of pain. 

10 – This is the worst and most debilitating level of FM pain. Very few people can ever reach this level of pain. This is the kind of pain where people become bedridden for days, weeks, or months until the pain subside. In addition, a level 10 fibromyalgia pain can altogether disable someone from doing almost anything in their everyday routine. This kind of unbearable pain can turn someone’s beautiful life into hell in an instant. 

Talk About Your Fibromyalgia Pain

Even after answering a fibromyalgia pain scale chart, you may still have to discuss with your doctor about your pain to help them develop a more precise treatment for you. Here are some tips to better communicate your pain and struggle to your healthcare provider. 

  • Explain your pain in the context of your day-to-day activities. 
  • Talk about how your level of pain affects your daily function.
  • Focus on talking about your function, not your feelings.

These tips can help you put into words how your condition affects your life. Then, when your doctor gets the most accurate information about your pain, they can diagnose you and recommend the most suitable care option for your case, such as fibromyalgia chiropractic. This way, you can attain fibromyalgia relief faster and more effectively.


Feel Better and Choose Fibromyalgia Chiropractic Care

One of the options to get FM relief is receiving fibromyalgia chiropractic care. If you choose this form of care, a fibromyalgia chiropractic practitioner will assess your problem by examining your upper cervical spine. A misalignment in the topmost bone of your spine can result in unpleasant things, including fibromyalgia. 

Upper cervical chiropractors take great pride in helping patients gain relief from debilitating fibromyalgia pain. We solve patients’ problems by placing their misaligned head and neck back to proper alignment. This solution provides further benefits such as restoring the normal communication between the brainstem, spine, and the rest of the body. Ultimately, these things can lead to full recovery from fibromyalgia. 

If you are ready to achieve the same benefits, be sure to connect with the nearest upper cervical chiropractor in your area. Upper cervical chiropractic care can make your FM more manageable and pain-free.

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